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Dr. Kellie Agueze (left) was able to visit several weeks later with the man who God raised from the dead.

'Warrior Nation' Minister Prays Dead Man Back to Life in GA Church: 'He's Still the God of Miracles'

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Dr. Kellie Agueze personally knows that God can change any situation. As a full-time minister, she spends hours warring for nations in prayer, encouraging millions of followers on social media with the Word of God, prophesying to others, and sharing the Gospel message all over the world.

Yet, the most profound miracle she's ever witnessed happened recently in a small church in Roswell, Georgia. 

She told CBN News that her husband, Apostle Sino Agueze, holds a monthly "miracle service" at Realms of Glory Church. This summer, she had not been attending the events due to other family commitments, but that changed on July 2nd. 

"I felt a really strong impression to come to this one," Agueze told CBN News. 

"I had no idea of the miracle I was about to witness with my own eyes," she shared on social media.
The Mississippi native said during the start of the service she was called on stage to pray and released a word of encouragement over one of the worship leaders. 

"I noticed, shortly after I mounted the stage, people crowded around a 70-year-old gentleman sitting on the second row. I saw his wife give him water. I saw my husband and others praying. From the stage, I could not see the full extent of what was happening. So I continued my prayer on the stage, released the word to the young lady, and then she and I spent a few minutes in worship," Agueze recalled. 

About four or five minutes went by before she came off the stage to return to her seat. 

"I come down off the [stage] and they said this man is having a medical emergency," she explained. 

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Agueze, who began a Facebook Live prayer ministry from her closet in Jackson, MS in 2016, is a nurse practitioner by trade. Although her online prayer ministry has expanded into a full-time calling with "Warrior Nation" ministries, her nursing instincts kicked in when she stepped off stage.

I immediately put on my nurse practitioner hat and checked his pulse…NOTHING. The gentleman was LIFELESS, COLD, SLUMPED OVER— DEAD," she described in a Facebook post

"I had to think quick. I instructed those around (me) to pull him to the floor. I thought about all the time that 'appeared to be wasted' while I was up on the stage praying and worshipping — but I've learned that time spent in prayer and worship is never wasted," Agueze shared. 

She was reminded of Luke 8:41-56 when Jesus was on his way to raise Jairus' daughter from the dead. In the middle of that urgent situation, a woman with an issue of blood stopped Jesus. To Jairus, it may have seemed like an unwelcome interruption, but it was a divine moment that would change that woman's life. 

"Both received their miracle," Agueze remarked on Facebook. 

Agueze recalled that she began administering CPR on the gentleman. 

"I started to do chest compressions. And I never had this thought in my life, but I knew in my heart I was wasting time," she explained. "Something just shifted in me and I knew I was not going to be able to just save him with CPR."

After the fourth chest compression, Agueze was faced with a life-changing decision. 

"I made the decision that I had no choice but to raise him from the dead," she said. "I have to bring this man back to life."

She called out to onlookers asking what was his name. His wife identified the man as Stephen Ihenacho.

"I grabbed Stephen's head and upper body and I prayed with a fervency I'd never experienced before and then I said 'Stephen you get back here! Come back to life! You will not die today," she shared. 

Then the impossible happened. Within seconds the man started to blink his eyes and his pulse returned. 

Agueze has no doubt Stephen was dead. 

"You can't be without oxygen for more than 3 minutes without permanent brain damage," she said. "I know for a fact this guy was without a pulse for at least five minutes."

By the time the paramedics arrived, Stephen was reoriented, talking, and drinking water. 

Two medical doctors at the hospital confirmed that Stephen had died. 

One remarked, "Whatever they did in church is what is keeping him alive."

Agueze, Stephen's family, and all who were present are calling it a miracle from God and they are giving Him glory. 

"God is ready to perform the miracle and in that moment when I decided to do it I came into agreement with what God wanted to do," she explained. "He wanted to do the miracle anyway. He just wanted somebody who was crazy enough to say 'Let's do this God'."

Agueze said she has wondered why something like that happened at that particular service, but she has come to the conclusion that it only takes a mustard seed of faith. 

"Why did He choose that Sunday, that church, those conditions to manifest something so weighty and so heavy," she asked. "Because we think it needs to happen in an audience with 30,000 people. But God is saying all I am looking for is somebody who can believe that 'I will do what I said I will do'."

"God is still using people to raise people from the dead in 2023. He's still the God of miracles," she added.

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