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Volunteer 'Angel' Pilots Bring Much-Needed Supplies to Families Across America During Pandemic


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A nonprofit group of volunteer pilots is being dubbed "Angels in the Sky" as they help people in need across the country during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The group - "Angel Flight Northeast" - has now flown about 400 flights in 15 states since the pandemic began.

The pilots have been busy, delivering vital protective gear to hospitals in Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey. They brought coronavirus test kits to Minnesota and delivered food, water, and clothes to Navajo communities. 

The volunteers even helped one family, whose son is battling cancer, relocate from Massachusetts to California. 

The move would allow Elizabeth Cooney to better support her family and allow 9-year-old John to receive the medical care he needs. 

"We're just really touched that, you know, someone that doesn't even know us is willing to do this. We're really grateful," she said.  

A love of flying prompted Richard Jacobs to become a volunteer pilot, completing more than 750 flights – and he has no plans to stop.

"This gave me an opportunity to help people at the same time," Jacobs said. 

"We feel really good after each mission. In these COVID times, we may lose track of the fact that there are people who have other medical issues that they're dealing with."

Angel Flight Northeast took their first flight in 1996, scheduling more than 80,000 free flights thanks to the dedicated work of over 400 volunteer pilots.

With the assistance of mission coordinators, pilots have flown patients more than 14 million miles so they could receive much-needed medical care.

To learn more about Angel Flight Northeast, click here.

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