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Trump Backs Texas Churches Suing FEMA for Disaster Relief Funds


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President Trump continues to confirm his verbal support for Christians, with his actions--this time, standing up for churches barred from relief funding after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas.

Trump tweeted Friday night: 



Three Texas Churches sued the Federal Emergency Management Agency over its policy of excluding any organization whose facilities are primarily used for religious activities from receiving disaster relief funds. Non-religious non-profits are eligible.

The churches involved in the suit were all damaged by Hurricane Harvey. 

"Hurricane Harvey didn't cherry-pick its victims; FEMA shouldn't cherry-pick who it helps," said Diana Verm, counsel at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, which is representing Harvest Family as well as Rockport First Assembly of God and Hi-Way Tabernacle.

Becket applauded President Trump for Tweeting support.



Several Trump supporters, including adviser Jack Graham, a Dallas pastor--are wading carefully into the issue because churches are not known for offering services in exchange for anything. 

Graham Tweeted:



The president, himself, has already donated generously--sending a million dollars total toward Harvey relief efforts. 

Evangelist Franklin Graham's organization Samaritan's Purse received $100,000 of that money and CBN's own Operation Blessing International received a $25,000 donation.

This lawsuit against FEMA comes three months after the Supreme Court ruled that a Church in Missouri could use federal funds to resurface a playground

The Becket Fund points to that case as precedent for granting funding to the three Texas Churches.

H/T: The Washington Times and Christianity Today


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