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'They Want God': Hundreds Come Forward to Give Their Lives to Jesus at JWLKRS Conference

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Thousands of young people gathered together to worship Jesus, pray, and have their faith encouraged at the JWLKRS (Jesus-Walkers) Conference in Orlando, Florida, last week. Now, hundreds are testifying that the Holy Spirit moved during that meeting and ignited a "generation on fire for God."

Bestselling author and founder of IF:Gathering, Jennie Allen, was a featured speakers at the conference that took place at Calvary Orlando on September 29th and 30th. 

The gathering focused on helping Millennials and Gen Z understand how their "unique talents, traits, and passions serve a vital purpose." 

"God created the world and specifically chose this moment in history for you. The Creator of the universe knew that the world needed YOU," a statement on their website reads. "When you live out your God-given purpose with His strength and guidance, your life's possibilities are limitless."

Allen shared on Instagram that she witnessed hundreds of people come up to the altar after praying and inviting them to have a relationship with Jesus. 


A post shared by Jennie Allen (@jennieallen)

"So last night they asked me to close their beautiful gathering of young adults. Specifically, Lance Schnacky felt I needed to do an altar call," she explained. "I was hesitant. But open. Not wanting to force anything, but they knew."

"At the end of my message I said it - if you want to give your life, surrender your life to Jesus, I'm going to give you the opportunity," Allen continued. "And then I prayed and while I was praying hundreds came forward on their knees all over the sanctuary. I looked up from praying and they were all just there. I hadn't even told them to come yet."

One attendee commented, "The beautiful thing about this is more than 200 souls were saved. Your call was to surrender. Something I thought I had already done. But God moved me."

This will impact thousands now and generations to come," she added. 

Lance Schnacky hosted the conference and responded to Allen's post. 

"You were created and anointed for such a time as this and God worked through you so powerfully. The deception of the enemy is being exposed and people are awakening to the reality that only God can satisfy. Our family is so grateful for you," he wrote. 

Noah Schnacky posted a video captioned,"A generation on fire for God. JWLKERS Conference, you were amazing."

As CBN News reported, Allen was involved in Unite Auburn's "Night of Worship" event at Auburn University in September where roughly 200 students were spontaneously baptized.

She credited prayer and the support of the local churches around Auburn for ushering in this movement of the Lord at Auburn University.  

"It was such a move of God," Allen told CBN News. "I've been a part of moments like that in the past, specifically with Gen Z, and I want to say that because there is something very special happening right now, I believe, in their hearts. I think they are, they are hungry for God and they want God in a very real way. This is not manufactured."

She had the same to say about the Jesus Walkers Conference. 

"I'll keep saying it. They want God," she wrote. "And this will take all of us. And to the Schnacky family who stepped out in faith to host thousands of young adults in their home church…well done. Well done."

Allen's experience at Jesus Walkers is the latest glimpse at a move of God occurring among young people in the country. 

In mid-September, a Texas youth pastor told CBN News an outpouring of revival is taking place among college students at Texas A&M Corpus Christi and it shows "no signs of slowing down" as hundreds have already given their lives to Jesus and others are getting water baptized almost daily.

"We are seeing these people repent from compromise and make a decision to make a public declaration of, 'No, I want to give my whole life to Jesus starting today.' And then we see them radically transformed before our eyes where their lifestyle is radically different [and] [they have] boldness to preach the Gospel to their friends like never before," Tarik Whitmore, the young adult pastor at New Life Church in Corpus Christi, Texas said.

And almost 300 people were baptized at a Sunday morning worship service at a planned outdoor event hosted by an Arden, North Carolina church. 

"Outdoor Baptism is something we do annually and we have been announcing it for about six weeks to our congregation. While we were amazed by the number of those who were baptized we know that God has the power to do incredible things," the church told CBN News. 

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