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These LGBTQ Individuals Found New Life in Jesus, and Some Had 'Supernatural Encounters with God'


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Former transgender, lesbian, and gay individuals who have left the LGBTQ lifestyle by the power of the Holy Spirit are taking part in a freedom march this weekend. 

The event was started in 2018 by Jeffrey McCall who once lived as a transgender woman but has come to know Jesus Christ and His unfailing love.

This year's freedom march, called "Freedom Family Weekend", will be held in Lawrenceville, Georgia and is open to everyone. 

Those participating in the event will share their testimonies, pray together, and offer hope to those in search of salvation.

McCall once told CBN News, "The reason I started the Freedom March was because I felt like all of these stories of people that left the LGBT lifestyle needed to be heard. It sends a statement and gets these stories out there."

During an interview with the Christian Post, McCall said he has seen a rise in response from people this summer who were ready to leave the LGBTQ lifestyle and follow God. 

"Probably around June or July we started, both in the Freedom March email inbox and in my ministry, For Such a Time, hearing from people that we did not know, saying that they wanted to leave the LGBTQ lifestyle," McCall said. "Several of them said they had supernatural encounters with God and they heard the Lord speak Scriptures to them. Others just heard Him say 'Leave the life'."

"We've had the most activity that I've ever seen in my years of ministry," he added.

And McCall believes the increase of interest was partly caused by introspection, induced by the coronavirus pandemic.

"I believe that the coronavirus has been this season of so much chaos and turmoil in this country and it has driven people to just question things, to take an evaluation of our own lives and to realize that with all that's going on in the United States of America that there is way more to life than what they previously thought," he added. 

The event will concentrate on liberation from LGBT lifestyles but also draw attention to the hardships our nation is currently facing. 

"One of the things that is happening in the United States right now is an open clash of good versus evil. We're seeing it in politics. We're seeing it in churches. It's clashing publicly," McCall explained. 

"And so with the coronavirus and all the things going on in our country in so many different spheres, the clash of good and evil is stirring up people's hearts. And when good and evil is battling all around you it makes you draw a line, and people are either going to have to step on side of the line of truth and grace and righteousness or they're stepping on the side of lies, deception, falsehood, and sin. It's time for people to wake up," he concluded.

Freedom Family Weekend will take place at New Bridge Church on Oct. 16 from 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. and on Oct. 17 from 1:00 p.m. - 5 p.m. The march will also be live-streamed on Facebook.


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