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'Thanking God': 13-Year-Old Girl Accepted at Medical School, Writes Heart-Warming Post Honoring Her Mom


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A 13-year-old girl has made history by becoming the youngest Black person to be accepted into a medical school in the U.S. 

Alena Wicker was accepted to the University of Alabama Heersink School of Medicine under its Burroughs Wellcome Scholars Early Assurance Program in May.

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The homeschooled prodigy has been thanking her mom and pointing the world to God since her big achievement, writing on Facebook, "No matter what happens in life I choose to trust God in everything I do."

Alena posted her acceptance letter with a note to her mother on Instagram on June 30. 

"Today I'm just grateful. I graduated High school LAST YEAR at 12 years old and here I am one year later I've been accepted into Med School at 13. I'm a junior in college. Statistics would have said I never would have made it. A little black girl adopted from Fontana California. I've worked so hard to reach my goals and live my dreams. Mama I made it. I couldn't have done it without you," Wicker wrote. 

The teen thanked her mom for "never allowing" her to settle. 

"You gave me every opportunity possible to be successful. You cheered me on, wiped my tears, gave me oreos when I needed comfort, you never allowed me to settle, disciplined me when I needed. You are the best mother a kid could ever ask for. MAMA I MADE IT! You always believed in me.You allowed me space to grow and become, make mistakes without making me feel bad. You allowed me the opportunity to experience the world," Wicker continued. 

She also noted her mom had sacrificed so much for her. 

"I pray God blesses me so big you never ever have to want for anything in this earthly life. You sacrificed so much for me (people have no idea what we have been through) and here I am while it seems so far away the end of this college chapter is going by so fast. MOMMY I MADE IT!!!!" Wicker concluded. 

With the note to her mother, she posted photos of her letter from UAB, and herself wearing a lab coat and wearing a graduation gown from one of her current schools, Arizona State University. 

Even at such a young age, Wicker is no stranger to new things. At the age of 12, she's already finished two and a half years of college at ASU and Oakwood University, and is a college junior, KPNX-TV reports. 

But her success hasn't come easy. She is currently taking two full course loads of classes at both schools. Wicker attends classes online, and then flies to each campus in order to complete her lab work, according to The Birmingham Times

She told KPNX she wants to become a viral immunologist, changing her major from engineering to medicine. 

"It actually took one class in engineering, for me to say this is kind of not where I wanted to go," Wicker said. "I think viral immunology really came from my passion for volunteering and going out there engaging with the world."

A nominee for TIME's Top Kid of the Year, she is also the founder of The Brown STEM Girl foundation, according to The Birmingham Times.   

The Brown STEM Girl website explains the foundation was created to provide an outlet for girls of color in S.T.E.M. - science, technology, engineering, or math. 

"We aim to engage, empower and educate. It is our hope that girls are motivated to become all they desire to be in the world," the website reads. 

Wicker has also been honored this year, receiving a 2022 Global Child Prodigy of the World in Science Award, The Times reports. 

"Thanking God for every open door and for allowing my gifts to make room for me," the young genius said. "I make STEM look dope."

If she meets her goals, Wicker will become a medical doctor at the age of 18, according to KPNX.

"I want to inspire the girls," she said. "I want them to see that there are no limits."

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