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'Silicon Valley has no Business Regulating Free Speech': Sean Feucht Says Facebook has Been Censoring Him for Months


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The rising "cancel culture movement" continues to make its way across the country and many believe it's taking aim at the church. 

Praise leader Sean Feucht shared a disturbing message on Instagram Tuesday, revealing that Facebook executives have been censoring and suppressing his pages for the past five months.

Feucht told CBN News that "Facebook's heavy-handed censorship has me squarely in the crosshairs. For months, Facebook has 'reduced distribution' on my page because they claim I 'shared false news.' I can't turn ads promoting my albums or causes that are near and dear to my heart, all because Facebook's views clash with mine."

"Facebook points to '3rd-party independent fact-checkers' as the cause of my censorship, but they fail to mention that they selected the fact-checkers," he continued. "We've seen that what Facebook believes is a lie one day, turns out to be true the next. The double standard is frightening and dangerous, and something must be done. Silicon Valley has no business regulating free speech."

For more than a year, Feucht has been instrumental in bringing the church to the people through these outdoor events. 

Feucht started "Let Us Worship" last summer as states were cracking down on churches and banning Sunday services. He took his worship events on the road, traveling from state to state, as both a form of protest and as a way to spread revival around America. 

Countless men, women, and children attending Let Us Worship events have committed their lives to Christ. Many have abandoned their addictions and demonstrated their newfound faith through baptism while attending the worship event.

Feucht explained that some of the lost souls who come out to these gatherings would never set foot in a church, which is why they are always held at outside venues. 

"This is why we love doing this outdoors because we're able to reach so many people that would never come inside a church but they're here in the park," he said. "Nothing is impossible with God. No place is too hard. No place is too dark. God can do anything, anywhere."

The Let Us Worship team has consistently shared videos and images of these moving events on social media so people around the world can also experience the profound impact of this mobile church movement.

Social media users said they found it difficult to sometimes control their emotions while watching the worship videos as they display the true beauty of God redeeming and restoring lives. 

Meanwhile, Let Us Worship is preparing to celebrate its one-year anniversary next month by going back to the same California locations where the revival started.

To find out more about Let Us Worship, click here.

CBN News reached out to Facebook for a comment but did not hear back at the time of publication.

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