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'She's Possessed!' Bloodied Man Allegedly Broke Into Former Co-Worker's Home to Perform Exorcism

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An Indiana man is reportedly facing charges of criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, and residential entry, after allegedly breaking into a former co-worker’s home to try to perform an exorcism.

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The incident unfolded around 1:15 a.m. June 11 in Avon, Indiana. Cops with the Avon Police Department responded to a call about a potential home burglary and were told by the homeowner someone was inside who wasn’t supposed to be there, WTHR-TV reported.

Officers were able to convince the suspect — who was purportedly covered in blood — to exit the home. According to court documents, he offered authorities a shocking reply when asked why he was bloodied.

“I had to break in the window,” the man said. “I have to do an exorcism here tonight.”

The suspect allegedly also told authorities he was there to try and help a female resident.

“Play track number three,” the man reportedly said of a CD he brought to facilitate the purported exorcism. “That will save her.”

At one point, he reportedly also said, “I lost my sunglasses, too,” with blood being found throughout the home he allegedly entered. Police found a broken window with shattered glass nearby as well as “an attempt to spell a word that starts with ‘R'” on a projection screen in blood, according to WISH-TV.

The homeowner said the two worked together at a Chick-fil-A in 2002; the accused purportedly hasn’t worked at the popular restaurant chain for two decades, WTHR-TV reported.

During the arrest, police said the suspect demanded they not look into his eyes and repeatedly said two statements: “She hasn’t been stabbed” and “She’s possessed.”

The homeowner also said the accused sent a “strange” text message before the encounter about abstaining from listening to Spotify.

The suspect was taken to a hospital due to his mental state, and a warrant has reportedly been issued for his arrest.

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