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'From Scratch' Author Called to Tell Great Stories God's Way


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Click play to watch Hilbert's interview. 

One thing many folks look forward to over a holiday weekend is having the time to read a good book. One author says she wants to provide women with something that will not only entertain them but encourage them in their faith.

Courtney Hilbert shares the inspiration behind her new book, called "From Scratch." Her book is a novel, that looks at relationships not just between the characters - but between those characters and God.

 She tells the story of a woman named Maggie who decided to focus on her relationship with God after making some wrong choices in the past - and facing the potential of a godly relationship she wasn't sure she wanted after her past hurts.

 One theme in Hilbert's book is purity in relationships. Hilbert says she believes in purity for single women of all ages. She told CBN News romantic relationships need to follow God's standard for love and romance which is for their good.

 "We forget so often that our love is established in our relationship with God first, and when that is not in place we end up where God does not want us to be, and we end up hurt," Hilbert says.

The story also has some mystery and a dramatic element that mirrors the struggles some women find themselves in when they are in wrong relationships.

 Her inspiration for the book came from her friends that were not involved in church and went through difficult trials. Hilbert says that the character Maggie represents someone who experienced those trials but maintained her faith despite it all.

Hilbert hopes Maggie's fictional story will inspire others to hold to their faith no matter what they face in life - and maybe even be a lesson in building relationships God's way.

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