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Robert Jeffress Slams Teacher's Claim That Virgin Mary Pregnancy Was a Divine Sexual Assault

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A left-wing academic's claim that the Virgin Mary did not consent to become pregnant with the son of God is not sitting well with leaders in the Christian community.

Dr. Eric Sprankle is an associate professor of clinical psychology and sexuality studies at Minnesota State University, Mankato. According to The Daily Star, Sprankle implies Jesus' mother was the victim of a divine sexual assault.

"The virgin birth story is about an all-knowing, all-powerful deity impregnating a human teen. There is no definition of consent that would include that scenario. Happy Holidays," he tweeted.

Sprankle's provocative words have drawn the ire of Christian leaders like Dr. Robert Jeffress, who argued that the professor's claims demonstrate his gross ignorance of the Gospel.

"Dr. Sprankle's comments are nothing but blasphemous babble from a liberal who is completely ignorant of the Bible," Jeffress charged, before going on to cite Bible passages that debunk Sprankle's 'no consent' argument.

"First, Luke Chapter 1 records Mary's hymn of praise thanking God for choosing her to give birth to the Messiah," Jeffress said. "Furthermore, a sovereign God doesn't need consent from any of us for anything He chooses to do."

Dr. Emir Caner, president of Truett McConnell University, sided with Jeffress, saying: "It comes as no surprise that a radical leftist professor with little knowledge of the Scripture would make such an imbecilic statement."

"Welcome to the modern university system, where statements easily demonstrated as false are now mainstream," he added.

Meanwhile, an irate Jeffress had this stern warning for the academic:

"This professor had better pray that there is no God because if there is, his goose is cooked on Judgment Day," he said.

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