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Revival Movement with a History of Miracles and Soul Winning Is Headed to Virginia

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Nearly 2,000 people have already signed up for a revival event in Virginia where prayer, worship, and miracle healings are expected to take place.

The Parousia Encounter Conference is a two-day event kicking off in Hampton Roads on July 21-22, 2023, to encourage people to serve Jesus in a greater way.

The conference will be hosted by Apostle Demontae Edmonds, founder of Destiny for the Nations, and Pastor Nina Anderson of The Wells Ministries. 

"Parousia is more than a gathering; it's an encounter! My first experience was so empowering! We pray everyone is transformed and healed by the miraculous power of God," Anderson shared. 

Edmonds has traveled to many nations sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the heart of helping equip leaders to better serve in the Kingdom of God. 

Edmonds has been nicknamed by many as "The Miracle Man" and says he has seen the Holy Spirit move powerfully at his international meetings.

"We've seen limbs grow. When we were in India, in one meeting, there were over a dozen people totally, or partially blind that were touched by the power of God and instantly became able to see," Edmonds told Charisma Magazine.

He added, "There was one testimony where the gentleman who was not only able to see, (but) he looked up to the back of the building and said that he could read. The miracle of that is, he had never been able to see. So that means he was never able to read or was never taught to read. So now, not only was he able to see, somehow supernaturally God gave him the ability to read. So I believe there's going to be an increase of those creative miracles until it gets to the proportion of biblical type miracles, and we've been seeing them consistently throughout our ministry."
Edmonds is carrying that same expectation for the miraculous to take place in Virginia on July 21st.

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"God instructed me to host mass gatherings called Parousia," he said. "Parousia is a Greek word that means 'the coming' or 'the presence'. It is often used in connection with the Second Coming of Christ. However, in this case, we use it as the title as a major focus of the movement is that God's tangible presence and glory wants to meet and connect with his people. Every Parousia there has been supernatural happenings that have given proof to Jesus being alive and real!"

Worship leader Joseph Stallings has worked with Edmonds' ministry for many years. 

Stallings says, "My desire is to see people have an encounter with the Lord and reconnect any severed ties they may have with Him. It's important to have a connection because it brings unity. I pray all join in as we usher in his presence together. Let his glory fall at the Virginia Parousia!"

This event is being held at New Life Deep Creek, 423 Shell Rd, Chesapeake, VA 23322, Friday 7:00 pm EST and Saturday 1:30 pm EST. It is free and open to the public. Registration and more information can be found at

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