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Record-Shattering, Massive Baptism in California Compared to 'Book of Acts'

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Thousands recently made history by joining the Baptize California movement at beaches and church sites where 12,000 people recently took the biblical plunge in the largest baptism in U.S. history.

"Day one was a mighty move of God" read a post on the group's Facebook page.

Another post added, "Today was powerful!!!"

More than 6,000 entered the Pacific Ocean at Huntington Beach with the additional 6,000 people immersed in churches across the Golden State.  

Pastor Mark Francey, the visionary behind the monumental event, told CBN's Faithwire that even Satanists joined in. 
"It was a lot of people - so many cool stories," said Francey. "They're flooding in, from Satanists that came to the beach that got radically encountered by the love of God, end up getting baptized spontaneously, to one couple proposing. The guy gets baptized comes out of the water, has a ring in his pocket, proposes to his wife on the beach."

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Francey also shared that entire families made their way to the water.
"I baptized one family that had 17 people between kids, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles – everyone getting baptized – crying, hugging. I mean it felt like a book of Acts page," he said. 

Churches from various denominational backgrounds also played a role. 

"It is not about one denomination," explained Francey. "It's an inter-denominational effort. It's really a Great Commission mandate that's allowing everybody, enough room in our doctrine to go, 'Look we might not see eye to eye on every single tenet of our faith, but we all do agree that Jesus told us to go into all the world, make disciples of all nations baptizing them.'"

The baptisms come on the heels of a move of God happening in other parts of the country. Florida beaches, the Texas Gulf, and rivers in the Midwest have become epicenters for mass baptisms. 

Now with the success of Baptize California, Francey is already raising the bar for 2025 with an event called Baptize America. 

"We'll have two expressions Sunday morning on Pentecost Sunday, June 8 that all the local churches will open up their facilities," Francey said. "Right after your last service of the morning the time that everyone baptizes in local churches - then that evening we'll do regional events all over America."

He added, "We already have some denominations, nondenominational networks with thousands of churches saying, 'We want to plug this in and encourage everyone in our movement to be part of this.'"

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