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A Predator on the Prowl: China Targets US with 'Massive Deception Operation' for Global Domination


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The United States' approach to China since the Communist regime in Beijing began the period of reform and opening in the 1980s was based on a promise that trade and engagement with China would result in a peaceful, democratic state.

Forty years later, the hope of producing a benign People's Republic of China utterly failed. The Communist Party of China deceived the West into believing that its system and the Party-ruled People's Liberation Army were peaceful and posed no threat. In fact, these misguided policies produced the emergence of a twenty-first-century evil empire even more dangerous than a Cold War version in the Soviet Union.

"It's been a massive deception operation that's been going on for about 30 years, and successive US administrations have fallen for it," veteran journalist Bill Gertz explained on the 700 Club Wednesday. "I call it a 40-year gamble. The gamble was if we just trade with China, if we just engage them, if we're nice to them they will, in fact, become a benign power, and it's been an utter failure. China is now on the march around the world."

Successive American presidential administrations were fooled by ill-advised pro-China policymakers, intelligence analysts, and business leaders who facilitated the rise, not of a peaceful China but a threatening and expansionist, nuclear-armed communist dictatorship focused on a single overriding strategic objective: weakening and destroying the United States of America.

Pat Robertson talks with author Bill Gertz about his book, Deceiving the Sky, on Wednesday's 700 Club.

Defeating the United States is the first step for China's current rulers in achieving global supremacy under a new world order based on an ideology of Communism with Chinese characteristics.

The process included technology theft of American companies that took place on a massive scale through cyber theft and unfair trade practices. The losses directly supported the largest and most significant buildup of the Chinese military that now directly threatens American and allied interests around the world. The military threat is only half the danger as China aggressively pursues regional and international control using a variety of non-military forces, including economic, cyber, and space warfare and large-scale influence operations.

As the China threat looms, will Donald Trump get it right? China expert and author Bill Gertz says President Trump is the best hope in a generation for a shift-change to counter the growing China threat. 

"The Trump Administration is the first administration in decades to look at the China threat and see it for what it is," Gertz says.

His new book, Deceiving the Sky: Inside Communist China's Drive for Global Supremacy details the failure to understand the nature and activities of the dangers posed by China and what the United States can do in taking needed steps to counter the threats.

"China is now on the march around the world," Gertz says. "They're pushing the belt-and-road initiative" to expand their communist totalitarian influence everywhere they can.

China has also been working on what it calls its Assassin's Mace weapons, including space weapons, to shoot down satellites and cripple US communication and financial activities. That includes working on high powered lasers to fry the electronics of orbiting satellites.

In addition, they've focused heavily on creating an army of hackers to target America's electric grid to enable them to turn the power off in the event of a bigger conflict, potentially costing millions of American lives. "This is not a theoretical threat, this is a real threat," Gertz said.

Gertz says China's President Xi Jinping has emerged as the new Mao, taking unprecedented power after changing the Chinese constitution to make himself a communist dictator for life. "He is going about a scorched earth policy to really promote the communist ideology," Gertz says.

He's engaged in massive human rights violations in western China, cracking down on Christian churches as well, even bulldozing churches. Gertz says China is also moving ahead to try to retake Taiwan, and the lie of the one-country two-systems is being exposed in Hong Kong too. But that's just the beginning.

"People are just beginning to understand that it is truly an existential threat to the United States,"  Gertz says.

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