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From Pastor to President? Ryan Binkley's Dreams from God

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Ryan Binkley is trying to go from pastor to president. At his kickoff announcement in April, he exclaimed to the boisterous crowd, "I believe in God. I believe in America. I believe in liberty..." 

While he's seen as a long shot, Binkley is the CEO of a successful merger and acquisitions firm with lots of money to spend. He's already dropped roughly one million advertising dollars in Iowa. 

Ten years ago, he and his wife also began a non-denominational house of worship in the Dallas suburbs. "We call our church, 'Create Church' based on Ephesians 2:10 that we've been created in Christ Jesus; that we're his handiwork to do good things, great things," Binkley tells CBN News. 
Binkley says he wants to do great things as president of the United States. For this CEO and Texas Pastor, this has all literally come in a dream, several of them actually.

"About seven or eight years ago, God gave me a dream, several in one night," Binkley tells CBN News. "One was that I ran for the presidency and I won....six to eight months later, I had another one. I was at the top of this stadium and somebody announced that I was going to be the Republican leader for the presidency of the United States and, somebody put a microphone in my hand in my dream and I went, 'Oh my God, God fulfills dreams' and bam, I woke up. And so this started and then there's just this series of them to where now God has been giving me messages for our country." 

So what are those messages from God that Binkley is hearing?  "I think what God is saying is He wants us as a nation to start focusing on the least," he says. "The next word He gave me was focus on the next generation, the youth. Remember the word about the spirit of Elijah, when he comes, he's going to turn the hearts of the fathers towards the children and the hearts of the children towards the father. So we're under judgment already in this Earth but God's judgment is for truth and it's to bring us back to him...we have to start thinking about our kids for the future. When we do that, I think we're going to get God's heart." 

His platform is based on compassion and what he believes is a commonsense blueprint for America. It starts though, with getting our economy back on the right track. 

"We went seven and a half trillion dollars in debt under President Trump," Binkley says. "So my message to America is let's be prudent, again. I mean, you and I have a what I'm recommending is a roadmap to a balanced budget, that has to start pruning and investing is what I'm calling it." 

On immigration, he wants tougher border enforcement that also includes a pathway to citizenship; when it comes to helping urban renewal, he wants more training programs. As for healthcare, he says it's time to desocialize it. "I want to bring price transparency back," Binkley says. "It's the only thing that we purchase as Americans that I know of, where we walk into a doctor or hospital and we no longer ask, how much does it cost for me to be here." 

While all of the aforementioned are worthy positions, Binkley faces an uphill climb. The goal is to qualify for one of the first two GOP debates next month. He believes it starts with practical solutions and a message of bringing people together –  something he says the former president didn't do. 

"He's not a uniter," Binkley tells CBN News "I mean, he rallies the base. This is his marketing strategy. He's a marketer, so he rallies the base to kind of divide us on the right versus left and that's his passion. I think that's kind of growing a little bit old." 

Binkley cites the Bible for the way forward in a divided America. "In Ecclesiastes, it says this: there's a time for war and a time for peace; a time to tear down and time to build up. This is a time for healing for our country, but to focus on real solutions that matter and when we do this we will lead economically, and we will lead internationally." Words spoken like a true pastor who is looking to bring a message of healing and hope to America.  

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