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'One Million Moms' Sounds Alarm: Macy's Thanksgiving Parade to Push Trans, Non-Binary Agenda

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More than 30,000 people have signed a petition condemning next week's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade for pushing an LGBTQ agenda by adding several gender non-conforming performers to the lineup.

"The non-binary and transgender extravaganza on display this Thanksgiving will be brought to you by Macy's during their annually sponsored Thanksgiving Day Parade,"  the petition, organized by One Million Moms, reads.

The petition alleges the annual kickoff to the holiday season will expose "the liberal LGBTQ agenda" to the tens of millions of children and families who tune into the broadcast.

"Shame on Macy's for promoting and sponsoring this type of entertainment. We still cannot trust Macy's Dept. Store. It is clear that Macy's does not have our children's best interests in mind. Macy's needs to know that trust must be earned and once trust is lost, it is difficult to get back," the group states. 

The parade will feature music from two Broadway musicals, & Juliet and Shucked, both of which feature transgender and non-binary performers in major roles.

Justin David Sullivan, who plays the role of "May," identifies as non-binary. His character in & Juliet is a non-binary friend of Juliet engaged to Prince Francois.

Alex Newell, a biological male who also identifies as non-binary, will also be performing during the parade. Newell won a Tony for his performance in Shucked as Lulu, a female role.

"Newell, who uses all pronouns (he/she/they), has worn women's clothes in recent public appearances and dressed in a shimmering, gold ball gown for the Tonys," the petition explains.

"We believe that our children deserve to be protected from vulgar and sexually explicit materials. The fact that even our national holidays like Thanksgiving are sexualized is absurd and an absolute disgrace. As concerned citizens, we must speak up and take action to protect the next generation," said Karen England, President of Capitol Resource Institute, in a statement. 

The Macy's Day Parade has kicked off the holiday season since 1924 with more than 50 million viewers and more than 3 million attendees watching the holiday extravaganza. 

In 2021, the once-family-friendly parade featured its first German transgender pop star, Kim Petras.

"We're all about tolerance and inclusivity, and what that means is that it shouldn't be corporate brands that are waging propaganda on our children," Kristen Waggoner, president of the Alliance Defending Freedom, said Tuesday on "Fox & Friends."

Waggoner argued that transgender ideology is creeping into all sectors of life and culture. 

"Right now, we're seeing in the entertainment industry at Disney's hands, as well as even in our school system, we're seeing propaganda being waged that plays out in secret transitions that are being facilitated without parents' knowledge. We're seeing curricula and books that are being used in classrooms designed to confuse children about who they are and who God created them to be… it's an issue of parents saying, 'We're here to parent.' And this ideology isn't just existing in a theory or a vacuum, it's playing out on the ground, so it's very destructive," she said.

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