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This New Pro-LGBT Resource Teaches School Kids There are 'Over 100 Gender Identities'

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A resource developed by the BBC is telling young school kids that there are over 100 recognizable gender identities. The video series, which is set to be rolled out in British public school PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) classes, also declares that gender is “who you are inside” and not determined by your biological sex.

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“There are so many gender identities,” a Relationships and Sex Education teacher says in the video, according to the Christian Institute. “So we know we’ve got male and female, but there are over 100, if not more, gender identities now..”  

The teacher adds that “you’ve got some people who might call themselves gender queer, who are just like ‘I don’t really want to be anything in particular, I’m just going to be me.’”  

The two resources, called “The Big Talk” and “Understanding Sexual and Gender Identities,” use “trusted adults” to help guide the kids through the controversial subjects. One of these individuals is a trans activist named Leo Lardie, who was born female but now identifies as a man. 

Lardie, who is trying to raise funds for her continued sex-change surgery, speaks openly about the status of her genitalia, with extremely uncomfortable children looking on. She explained how the only way she could be happy was to “be true about who I was, and let other people in on this.” 

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In another clip, a principal tells kids that they “might be gay” if they are attracted to someone of the same sex “in a slightly different way than you do normally to your friends.” 

The video goes on to suggest that “celebrating” those of differing gender identity and sexual orientation is “integral to being a great person in society,” with Lardie suggesting that anyone who is critical of LGBT ideology “just don’t know any better yet.”

If this wasn’t enough, the principal then clarifies that people “can go to prison” for “disrespecting or being hateful to people because of a difference that person perceives.”

Elsewhere, crowdfunding organization GoFundMe has removed a fundraising page set up by those campaigning to have LGBT education classes axed from the curriculum of public schools. The company removed the page after it was alerted by the Humanist UK lobby group. “We have removed this page as it violates our terms of service,” GoFundMe said in a statement, according to the Guardian

Back in June, the popular fundraising website removed a campaign set up to help Australian rugby player Israel Folau, after he was fired from the national team for posting a Biblical message on Instagram.

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