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Nabeel Qureshi's Wife: 'Thank You for Loving My Daughter'


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Michelle Qureshi, wife of the late evangelist Nabeel Qureshi, recently posted an update about their young daughter Ayah on her YouTube Video Log.  

Nabeel, 34, a onetime Muslim who became a Christian evangelist, passed away Sept. 16 after a year-long battle with stomach cancer. His final journey is documented in several videos which can be found online.

Michelle is committed to continuing Nabeel's ministry.

In her latest vlog, she addressed how her young daughter is doing after her father's recent death.

"All of the cards we received from so many people all said they were praying specifically for Ayah. And I wanted to let you know I see it. Ayah is so loved by you and I feel your love," she said. 

"Ayah is thriving. Her vocabulary is expanding. She's got a blossoming personality.  And she really is a delight to all of the people who have been assisting to care for her. I think that's the exact word that people use, that she's a 'delight' - whether they're picking her up from child care or taking care of her at childcare or taking her home with them for the day, so I can continue to do administrative work," Michelle continued.  

"I'm now in the stages of starting to journal and I need time to cry and process. Just to know that Ayah is showing such life and bringing life where ever she goes is such a comfort. So thank you for your prayers for that," she said. 

Michelle said her daughter definitely remembers her "Baba" -- her word for Nabeel.

"She definitely remembers Nabeel as a source of comfort.  One reason I know this, sometimes when I have to take her to timeout, she starts crying 'Ba-ba!' like she is looking for her good cop parent.  And it's as though in her mind she's thinking, 'How can I get out of this uncomfortable situation?  What if I run to Baba?  I know he'll pick me up and give me a kiss.' She definitely remembers him for his comfort,'" Michelle said smiling. 

She also shared what happened when her daughter recently came across a poster similar to the poster-sized photo of Nabeel that was on the stage during his memorial service. "When Ayah saw the poster of him, she waved and said, 'Hi Baba!'  She then carried the poster around with her. It was a really sweet moment," Michelle recalled.

Michelle says one thing that she is thankful for is Ayah is so young and does not have to go through the grieving process.

"One of the beautiful things is, she doesn't feel a deep loss. However, I know there was a sweet relationship between them in order for her to interact with a picture of him," she said.

"I can't say 'Thank You' enough for loving on my daughter during this time," Michelle said. 

Duing the video, Michelle also showed a couple of the gifts that they had received from people all over the world.

One gift was a small painting of a colorful cross with a bow tied to it and a little lamb standing to the side in front of the cross.  The scene, Michelle explained, was sent to her by the woman who painted it.  In the accompanying letter, the woman said she was a former Muslim who came to Christ and said Nabeel played a large part in her personal journey to follow Jesus. 



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