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Nabeel Qureshi's Cancer Battle: Seeking Prayer for Miracle in 'Last Stages of Life'


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Doctors say ex-Muslim turned Christian apologist, Nabeel Qureshi, is in his "last stages of life."

"The doctors have pretty much given up on treating me," Qureshi says in a Facebook video. "They think my body is in its final stages of life."

Qureshi shocked the world when he announced last August that doctors diagnosed him with an aggressive form of stomach cancer. 

One year later, doctors believe Qureshi is on the brink of death. 

"They have suggested palliative care. We are just doing comfort measures. Right now the doctors have decided no more calories for me, for a few days. If that means bad things happen, then bad things happen. It's looking pretty grim. I could really use your prayers," Qureshi continues. 

Despite the bad report from the doctor, one thing that refuses to die is his faith in God to perform a miracle. 

"If we want the Lord to come through and do a miracle, it needs to happen in the next few days."

Whatever happens, Qureshi hopes he leaves a message of love. 

"As you consider my ministry, I hope it leaves a message of love, of peace, of truth, of caring for one another," he says. "Our God is a God of love." 

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