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Murdered Missionary Couple to Haiti Memorialized for Their Impact on the Kingdom of God

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The U.S. missionary couple who was brutally killed by criminal gang members in Haiti's capital is being remembered for their tremendous impact on the Kingdom of God.

Bible Holiness Assembly of God in Neosho, Missouri held a memorial service Tuesday morning for the friends and family of Natalie and Davy Lloyd.


As CBN Digital reported, Natalie and Davy were working with Missions in Haiti, Inc., a ministry organization founded in 2000 by Davy's parents, David and Alicia Lloyd.

The mission organization announced in an urgent prayer request on Facebook two weeks ago that the couple was leaving the church building on a Thursday night after a youth service when "they were ambushed by a gang of [three] trucks full of guys."

Missouri state Rep. Ben Baker (R), father of Natalie, announced the next day that the couple was killed. 

"My heart is broken in a thousand pieces," Baker wrote on Facebook. "I've never felt this kind of pain."

The couple's remains were returned to their families in Missouri on Friday. 

Huge crowds of people lined the streets in the small community of Neosho, Missouri, to honor them.

"Hundreds of people that were standing out by their cars and many with their hands over their heart in love and respect," Baker wrote. "A true hero's reception."

More than 2,000 people attended a visitation service for the couple Monday night. 

Reverend Timothy L E Laurito of Bible Holiness Assembly of God opened Tuesday morning's service saying the couple's death is a "rallying cry for this generation to give it all for the call. A rallying cry for us as a generation to say we want to give everything we have to the purpose of Jesus Christ." 

"I see evidence of the tremendous impact Davey and Natalie had on the Kingdom of God," he continued. 

"Although they were young, Davy and Natalie had spiritual maturity and an unwavering commitment to the Gospel that was well beyond their years," said Laurito. "We are proud of their commitment to the call of God. We are proud of their commitment to the Gospel, we are proud of their commitment to the people of Haiti and we are proud of their commitment to serve this generation." 

A family spokesperson shared on X that a private gravesite service was being held after the memorial service.

Two days ahead of Tuesday's memorial service Baker posted a tribute on X remembering his beautiful daughter. 

"I miss her so much…I'll never forget these precious moments," he shared.

As CBN News reported, criminal gangs have violently wreaked havoc in Port-au-Prince creating a catastrophic humanitarian crisis in the country since February. Nearly 1,500 people have been killed so far this year.

Gang leader Jimmy "Barbecue" Cherizier has claimed responsibility for many of the attacks and says he aimed to remove the former prime minister, Ariel Henry, from office. 

Henry resigned in April and a transitional council has been tasked to pick a new prime minister and prepare for eventual presidential elections.

Cherizier has promised that chaos will continue if the citizens are left out of the process. 

"We Haitians have to decide who is going to lead the country and what model of government we want," he said.

The deaths of Davy and Natalie have shocked many around the world. Thousands have continued to show their support to both families sharing messages of condolences. 

Clark Funeral Home noted that a memorial tree will be planted in the couple's honor. 

A portion of their obituary reads:

"Davy and Natalie began their life together on June 18, 2022. They were married at the Bible Holiness Assembly of God in Neosho, and it was a wedding of fairy tale proportions. Davy and Natalie made their home here in Neosho, living in the home that Davy had built for their lives together. They attended the Bible Holiness Assembly of God. In January of 2023, they became full-time missionaries, serving under Missions in Haiti, Inc. They considered Neosho as their home when they were stateside."

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