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Moms Play Major Role in Children's Decision for Christ, Survey Reports

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Most Americans who identify as Christians say that their mother's faith played a major part in their decision to follow Jesus Christ, a new survey reports.

The annual "State of the Bible" study conducted by the American Bible Society, released the second chapter of its annual research report on trends in Christianity.

The report found that 77% of respondents are following their mother's faith.

If you break that down by denomination: 73% of children who grew up Protestant remained either Protestant or "other Christian" as adults. Four percent are now Catholic, while 19% say they identify as an atheist/agnostic or "none."

However, nearly a third (32%) of those who had atheist, agnostic, or "no faith" mothers at age 10 now identify as Christian.

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"A well-known proverb offers this expectation: 'Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it' (Proverbs 22:6)," reads the report. "This verse has challenged and comforted many Christian mothers and fathers through the years."

The research does not discount the influence fathers have on their children's faith, but focuses on how adults identify the source of their spiritual guidance.

"Practicing Christians in their teen years consistently identify mothers as the ones who provide spiritual guidance and instruction and instill the values and disciplines of their faith in the household," reads a statement from Barna.

"Moms are their foremost partners in prayer (63%) and conversations about God (70%), the Bible (71%), or other faith questions (72%)," it adds.

The study describes moms as essentially "managers of faith formation."

As CBN's Faithwire has reported, numerous studies show the power and importance of faith in Americans' lives.

A past Barna Group survey exposed a stunning relational disparity between practicing Christians and the general U.S. adult population. While 61% of practicing Christians said they are flourishing in friendships and relationships, just 28% of other U.S. adults said the same, according to The Christian Post.

Church attendance and community also yield many positive benefits.

As CBN News reported, the mobile Bible app "YouVersion" is using its platform to connect believers to the Word of God in order to improve mental health and help people find peace of mind.

According to a new advisory from the U.S. Surgeon General, many Americans lack social connection which can lead to poor health and other negative outcomes.

"We weren't created to go through life alone. We were designed by God to live in relationship with Him and with other believers," said YouVersion Founder, and CEO Bobby Gruenewald. "That's why we're passionate about offering our Community a set of features that not only helps them draw closer to God but helps them experience the Bible within trusted relationships."

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