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March for Life Theme 2021: 'Together Strong: Life Unites'


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Each year the March for Life announces a theme to prepare, inspire, and unite pro-lifers for and throughout the January pro-life march.  And speaking of uniting, the theme for the 2021 march is “Together Strong: Life Unites.”  It’s a clear call for unity as the country faces one of the most divisive periods in its history.

March for Life President Jeanne Mancini told CBN News, “Abortion divides.  Abortion divides mother against child.  Abortion divides mother and father, siblings from the child, and of course love, really, from a culture. So abortion is divisive. And we are the opposite. We are about uniting, and we are stronger together. So 'Together Strong: Life Unites'.”

Who Deserves Rights?  EveryBODY.  EVERY BODY

The theme was announced in a special online event Thursday evening featuring pro-life leaders from across the spectrum, united by their determination to march together and save each and every life, including the unborn.

As Ryan Bomberger of the Radiance Foundation said during the presentation, “Without life, no other rights matter. We hear about fighting for civil rights, and I’m 100 percent for that. But who deserves civil rights?  The answer is very simple: everyBODY.  EVERY BODY.  Whether you’re born, unborn, whether you’re planned, unplanned, whether you’re red, black, yellow, or white…every human life deserves the most basic civil right.”

‘Every Heart Deserves a Chance to Beat’

Christian musician Matthew West will perform at the March for Life Rally in 2021.  He said, “There’s a song I wrote for a movie called ‘Unplanned.’  And it has the heartbeat of this event. The heartbeat is that every heart deserves a chance to beat. And as far as God’s concerned, there are no coincidences, there are no accidents, there’s no such thing as unplanned.”

Though the March for Life is a secular event, a vast majority of participants are believers, and Mancini sees a spiritual component to this year’s theme.

Unity Is a Healing Thing, a Necessary Thing

“The truth of the matter is when you talk about division, what you’re really talking about there is the devil.  The devil is about division. Christ…Jesus…is about uniting,” Mancini told CBN News. “We know that bringing people together is a healing thing for our culture in these days and that it’s a necessary thing.”

Next year’s March for Life will be starting from the National Mall in Washington, D.C. January 29th.  Just as they’ve done for 47 years, marchers will go from the Mall up to the Supreme Court, where abortion was legalized in January 1973. 

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