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March for Life Participants Mourn Hurts and Harms of Abortion


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U.S. SUPREME COURT--Friday's March for Life carries the theme "Pro-Life is Pro-Woman." The other sides argues the so-called right to abortion is fundamentally a  woman's choice. But for those marching this year, that choice has harmed millions.

This year as they gather in Washington D.C., the marchers face bad news, but good news as well. The number of abortions is down to about 800,000 a year.  That's half of what it was during the worst year, when some 1,600,000 babies died. Of course, the bad news is: that's still 800,000 babies killed in one year.

That's why a candlelight vigil outside the US Supreme Court this week carried such a somber tone: those there faced and prayed about the pain and harm caused by abortion.

Allan Parker of The Justice Foundation was among them. He represents more than 2,600 women going to the Supreme Court justices through an amicus brief, complaining how abortionists fooled and harmed them.

Parker paraphrased one of those women, saying of such abortionists, "'They lied to me, they deceived me, they injured me'…talking about the abortion industry."

The Only Child They Could Ever Conceive is the One They Aborted

Janet Morana helped start the group Silent No More to minister to post-abortive women.  She's heard the pain of thousands.

"I could introduce you to women who the only child they were ever able to conceive was that child they aborted because of the damage done to them by that abortion," she told CBN News.

Brandi Swindell started up a pro-life clinic called Stanton Healthcare in Boise, Idaho. It's right next to a Planned Parenthood clinic, and she's heard from those who chose that abortion clinic rather than her pro-life facility.

"When women do have abortions, a majority of them do regret that decision. That's what all the studies show," Swindell stated.  "Many of those women suffer from shame, depression, anxiety, even suicidal thoughts at times."

'It's Just a Blob of Tissue'

Prineville, Oregon's Deborah Tilden heads up Smart Women's Healthcare.  She says she was lied to by those who took her unborn child 40 years ago.

She said they told her, "'It's not a baby yet, it's just a blob of tissue.  Your life can get back to normal.' Well, my life…I was never 'normal,' as they would say, from that moment I walked out of the abortion clinic."

She's amazed the relationship with her fiancé survived.

"Eighty percent of the couples who've gone through abortion, especially together, do not survive that," she explained.

'A Baby is Killed'

Then there's the literal taking of life by that industry.

"Obviously, a baby is killed," said Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life. "And people need to look at abortion. We urge people to go to – a special website – because you cannot form an opinion about this unless you see it."

Father Pavone insists it's time for the Supreme Court to revisit Roe v Wade, because he believes this legalized right to abort America's unborn has so distorted the nation's morality and law.

He pointed out, "If a pregnant woman is in a car and her car is hit by a drunk driver and the baby gets injured or killed, someone can be punished for the harm or death of that baby.  But imagine this: she could be in that car driving to an abortion clinic to get that baby aborted.  Then it's supposed to be a constitutional right?"

This is the 47th year for the March for Life, an event crying for an end to all of this pain.

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