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Live Action Says 'Censorship Must End' After TikTok Bans Founder and Pro-Life Group From Posting Ads

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Pro-life leader Lila Rose says the video-sharing app TikTok has blocked her account and the platform she founded, Live Action, from posting advertisements.

Rose made the announcement on her Twitter account Thursday, calling the restriction, "extreme political bias."

"Unfortunately, censorship is nothing new to us. Large technology companies play an ever larger role in our lives, including by deciding what information we come in contact with," Rose said in a statement. "We must rise against this unjust censorship. While we respectfully demand the reinstatement of our ads on TikTok, we will also proactively work to expand our reach on all of our other platforms." 

She noted that even though Live Action ads were banned, Planned Parenthood is permitted to run $80,000 in advertising. 

"We believe that one crucial step towards ending abortion in our country is saturating the online market with powerful and transformative pro-life content that counters pro-abortion lies and is proven to change minds and save lives," Rose said. "We work hard to reach young people to expose the abortion industry and reveal the beauty of new life from the moment of fertilization. The longer we are suppressed on TikTok, the more lives that will be lost to abortion. The censorship must end."

This isn't the first time Live Action has been suppressed by Big Tech.

CBN's Faithwire previously reported that the pro-life advocacy group had been banned by TikTok in 2020 as a "result of a human error by a moderator." 

Live Action also faced censorship from Google in 2021 after the search engine removed all of its online ads and barred the organization from promoting a video about how unborn babies develop in the womb.  

CBN News reached out to TikTok for comment but did not hear back at the time of publication.

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