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Lisa Robertson Passes, Leaving a Rich Legacy of Faith, Family, and a 'Passion for Jesus'

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The CBN family is mourning the loss of Lisa Robertson, wife of Tim Robertson and daughter-in-law of Pat Robertson.

Lisa went to be with the Lord on Saturday, December 30th. She's being remembered as an amazing woman of God whose passion for Jesus touched countless lives.

Born March 9, 1954, in Colorado, Lisa Nelson went on to attend Sweet Briar College, where she founded a religious conference. 

It was there that she happened to invite a gentleman named Pat Robertson to be the keynote speaker. 

He agreed and brought his son Tim along. 

Tim and Lisa quickly fell in love and were married for 46 years. 

Along the way, they had five children: Laura, Elizabeth, Willis, Cally, and Abby. 

Abby, a reporter with CBN News in Washington, chatted with her mom a few years ago about motherhood.

"I would describe motherhood as one of the great opportunities that God gives women," Lisa shared. "It is a job; it is a ministry; it is so much fun; it is a way we partner with the Lord to see His work." 

Another great source of joy for Lisa was her 15 grandchildren who affectionately knew her, as "Honey."

Lisa had a passionate love for Jesus, and brought her family traditions to The 700 Club audience, including her popular segments on Advent.

"One of the things I love about Advent is that I feel like it is God-given to us because it is a time where we can pause, we can reflect, we can really begin to think about what Christmas really is," she described in one broadcast segment. 

Lisa also led a women's Bible study for decades at Galilee Church, which led to her passion for reminding women that God can provide wisdom and direction. It was something she'd experienced and she shared about it in her book, The Path of Life.

In 2019, she appeared on The 700 Club to discuss it, with that keynote speaker she'd contacted 45 years before, her father-in-law, Pat Robertson.

"I think there's a verse in Chronicles, 'I don't know what to do, but my eyes are on You.' And I translate that to 'Help,'" she explained. 

"I think you can ask Him for [it]. I would ask Him for wisdom as I would raise my children and then I would continue to seek Him by reading the Bible and getting that kind of fortification by promises of His Word to raise my family and then continue to knock."

Lisa leaves behind a rich legacy of family and faith, and her 16th grandchild on the way. 

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