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'I Used to Live in a Lot of Fear': Sadie Robertson Opens up to CBN About Deepest Struggle in New Book

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Watch CBN News' Heather Sells interview with Sadie Robertson about her latest book and what's next for her.

Sadie Robertson is well known for her captivating smile and role in the reality TV series "Duck Dynasty"
The show ended last year but the 20 year-old continues to make a name for herself. She has acted in God's Not Dead 2, danced her way to first runner up on Dancing with the Stars, and continues to inspire fans and share her faith on YouTube.

Now she's traveling the world and sharing how she learned how to conquer fear in her new book, "Live Fearless."

"I used to live in a lot of fear. I had a lot of anxiety and really dealt with panic attacks - the whole nine yards. Anything fear, I was totally living in it. It was actually in the season of my life when I was very, very public," Robertson told CBN News. " I don't feel like people were really seeing the fullness of who I was because I was so afraid."

Despite Robertson's life being so public, she was engaged in a very private war against fear for years until she learned how to beat it.

"Finally, I found freedom through my faith and totally over fear. All of a sudden, I become a totally different person. I start speaking all of a sudden. I'm a lot more confident in what I'm saying. I have a lot more life, more joy-filled, and people started to see the change in me," she said.

Robertson says one of the biggest ways to fight anxiety is to take every fearful thought into captivity.

"You can be in like, literally, a room where there's no fear around you but because your mind is so consumed with fearful thoughts. It's really a mind thing. And so, really finding freedom and captivating the thoughts of your mind is a huge way out of it," she shared.

Robertson wrote this book for anyone who struggles with fear like she did.  

"A lot of the people that follow me were afraid. So, I thought, 'You know what, this would be really cool if I wrote a book called 'Live Fearless' and not only tell my story and my journey, but really walk people through theirs.'"

Robertson's life hasn't shown any signs of slowing down since she wrote her book. She recently completed her "Live Original Tour" which brings thousands of young people together to worship God and learn how to live as He created them to be.

"The tour was absolutely incredible. We were just blown away by the response and the lives changed. So, this year we'll go back on tour and we're actually adding more cities," the author said.

She says she's proud to be a part of a generation whose heart is truly after the Lord.

"I really think that we live in a generation of people who really want to see good happen, and want to see change happen," Robertson said.

"We just have thousands of thousands of people show up on tour who just love the Lord and who are so expectant," she also said.


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