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'I Could Feel the Presence of the Lord': Valedictorian Shares Full Gospel During Graduation Speech

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A Texas valedictorian boldly took the stage during her high school graduation and told more than 10,000 people all about Jesus and the free gift of salvation that completely changed her life.

Campbell Lino graduated from Atascocita High School in Humble, TX, on May 26, 2023.

The valedictorian began her speech with a friendly Texas "Hey Y'all' and then explained that despite being gifted, having academic success, and having great friends and family, she struggled to find happiness. 

"I learned that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and therefore He is the True King of the human race," she shared. "Where His rule and reign is allowed, humans thrive. Where He is not allowed to be King, there is brokenness and suffering."

"But I also learned that He loves me so much...all of us, in fact," she continued. "He died on the cross, took our place, and three days later rose again."

"When I changed my mind and made Jesus the King of my life, He completely changed me," Lino added.

Lino's open and honest appeal has been shared across several social platforms and one Facebook video of the speech has been viewed 90,000 times, The Baptist Press reports.

Lino told the outlet that the original speech she submitted to the principal was not approved.

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"He told me I could not give that speech and there were certain things he didn't want me to say," she explained. "We spent about 30 minutes combing through my speech and talking about phrases."

"The idea was that I shouldn't offend people with what I said. But the parts he wanted to cut out were very important parts of the Gospel presentation," Lino said.

She took the speech to her dad, a pastor at First Baptist in Forney, TX. Together, they came up with a speech that the principal would approve.

"We talked about different ways to give the Gospel presentation," she said. "A week after that, the speech was approved."

The Humble Independent School District did however post in the graduation program that students' speeches were their own and not associated with the district.

"Although this contest for winning valedictorian feels so awesome, it cannot compare to the joy that Jesus has brought into my life," she told listeners. "What Jesus does for me, He does for anyone that accepts Him as their personal King."

The high school senior then explained how people listening could accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

"I encourage you all to make that decision today," she said. "If you want to know more, I invite you to visit my church."

Lino admitted she was a little apprehensive about how the crowd would respond to her testimony.

But to her surprise, the crowd cheered her on during the speech and shouted their support as she concluded. 

"I [am] still shocked at how the crowd responded," Lino expressed. "I could feel the presence of the Lord."

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