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Hundreds Set Free During 'Kingdom to the Capitol Tour' in Maine: 'The Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail

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As the Spirit of God continues to move through massive baptisms, prayer gatherings, and worship services from coast to coast, the latest revival movement saw hundreds of people set free from suicide and other forms of darkness during worship leader Sean Feucht's "Kingdom to the Capitol Tour" in Maine this weekend.

Feucht has spent the last several years leading worship "in the hardest and darkest places, bringing the hope of Jesus where people needed it most."

"God is moving in America. This isn't just rhetoric, it's reality," Feucht once wrote. "I believe God is moving powerfully in America. Year after year, we have gathered in Washington D.C. to pray for revival for America, and in 2023, we are taking that spirit to the states through our Kingdom to the Capitol Tour!"

The latest tour stop was in Augusta, Maine where hundreds showed up to worship Jesus and pray for America.

"God is moving across New England in the historic places where revival changed the course of America's history," Feucht shared on social media. "We gather again here to say: 'You've done it here once before God, come and do it again.'"

Feucht is a Christian singer, songwriter, a former worship leader at Bethel Church, and the founder of the Let Us Worship movement. As CBN News reported, he launched the "Kingdom to the Capitol" tour in 2023 after hosting a Let Us Worship gathering on the National Mall.

"It's really easy for us to blame the government, curse the government, talk about how horrible things are, and complain. It's a whole lot more difficult to take responsibility and say 'this is our nation'," Feucht told CBN News. "We were born here for such a time as this. We have the power to bring a change. We have the power to worship and pray until things change...I think there has to be a little bit of grit and tenacity that rises up in believers, again. And to actually believe the Word of God."

"We have the keys to the kingdom," he said. "The gates of hell will not prevail and whatever we bind in heaven will be bound on earth, and whatever we loose, will be loosed."

"We need to get believers activated to take responsibility for their nation, for their state...and we all get in the game. We are going to see God do some really cool stuff," the songwriter added. 

Feucht recently shared that he witnessed more than 100 people receive freedom from suicide and depression.

"Suicide and depression seem to have a stranglehold over Gen Z, but the love of God is so much stronger," he wrote.

Feucht's message of freedom resonated with the crowd and hundreds more responded during the altar call.

"We got one shot at this thing. One shot to live out the fullness of God's destiny over our lives," he shared. "We cannot elevate anything above God's calling."

As CBN News reported, Feucht recently took part in the Baptize California movement at beaches and church sites where 12,000 people took the biblical plunge in the largest baptism in U.S. history.

"God is not finished with this state," Feucht said of California. "The oppression and darkness has moved the church to unity and hunger after Jesus!"

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