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How One Group Saved More than 400 Babies from Death


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Pro-life activists are on a mission to save as many unborn babies as they can during the 40 Days for Life campaign. So far, 410 babies have been rescued from abortion due to hard work and a lot of prayer.

According to Life News, that means 12,206 lives have been saved since the campaign started nine years ago.

The campaign strategy is simple: stand outside a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic and ask to pray with the women who are considering abortion.

Just one example of the power of prayer was a young, pregnant mother who encountered some of the pro-life volunteers as she walked up to an abortion clinic. That's when the simple but powerful question, "Can I pray with you?" changed everything and saved her baby's life.

The woman answered "yes," one volunteer told Life News. "I am here for an abortion," the woman continued. "But I just can't do it. I went inside – there are so many sad people in Planned Parenthood."

Pro-lifers are not only offering quiet prayers outside abortion clinics, they are also hosting huge rallies all over the country.

One of the rallies was in an abortion hotbed: California. The state is known holding the highest number of abortions in the entire country. But that statistic did not stop some 300 pro-life activists from gathering in Sacramento to fight for the unborn.

Attendees heard from pro-life leaders and heard countless post-abortion stories. Life News reports the rally was so compelling, an abortion clinic employee quit their job, refusing to take any part of the industry.

40 Days for Life will continue over the next few weeks and hopes to save many more lives and help many more mothers.

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