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'GOOSE BUMPS': Viral Video Captures Stunning Rendition of the Lord's Prayer in DC's Capitol Rotunda


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A man performed a beautiful rendition of the Lord's Prayer in the U.S. Capitol recently, and after it was shared on social media it went viral, quickly garnering nearly a million views.

Video of the two-minute performance shows a crowd gathered around Nathan Kistler as he sings with a full heart. Some spectators can be seen recording the powerful spiritual moment while others appear to be listening intently as if they were praying.

Kistler is the executive director at Hope to the Hill Ministries in D.C., which aims to encourage, support, and minister to powerful politicians who are carrying the heavy burden of leadership.    

"In the last almost 13 years that I've been here, I've never sung in the rotunda of the Capitol. I've always set it up for other singers to do so. Rep. Louie Gohmert asked if I would sing for him and the group and I was honored to do so," Kistler wrote on Facebook.

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During a previous interview with CBN News, Kistler explained that Hope to the Hill provides prayer and pastoral support for all those God has put in office. 

"So many members, when you go into their office, say, 'Well, what can I do for you today?' And we just say we don't want anything from you. We just want to know how we can pray for you," Kistler told CBN News. "And it's amazing to see members – I've had anything from they kind of shrug a little bit to crying because they've never had anybody come into their office and ask how they can pray for them." 

Hope to the Hill also trains lawmakers on how to share their faith with others.  

Kistler urges believers to call their representative's offices and simply offer encouragement to their staffers.  

"Just say, 'Hey, I'm praying for you. God loves you. I love you, and we appreciate the work that you do,' and build a relationship," Kistler told CBN News. 

Thousands of people commented on Kistler's performance from last week, including actor Kirk Cameron.

"GOOSE BUMPS!! My friend, Nathan Kistler, singing the Lord's Prayer in the U.S. Capitol… pass this on," wrote Cameron.

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Others referred to the performance as being a blessing that "came straight from the heart of God."

"PTL! Beautiful tribute to our Lord," wrote one follower.

Another user thanked Kistler, then added to, "Pray for a revival! We need it as a nation."

One follower said the moving video was exactly what she needed to see.  

"I'm so grateful. I'm closing my eyes and experiencing the glory of heaven. There is nothing like it. Thank you Jesus. And thank you sir for representing our Father in heaven, our dear Lord and Savior, and the Holy Spirit that draws us to know how beautiful this is. Thank you heavenly Father for giving him his beautiful voice to do the will of You who sent him. Thank you God for his gifts. He is drawing people to you and blessing others. Exactly what I needed tonight. God's blessings are upon you."

Kistler noted that he was "humbled by the kind comments and the fact that people would share this."

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