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'God Is Not Done': Free Chapel 'Revival Services' Extended Again, Thousands Show Up

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Hundreds of people are having their lives changed by the powerful saving grace of Jesus Christ as a "move of God" continues into its second week at Free Chapel Church in Gainesville, Georgia.

What began as a two-night special revival service on October 23rd with special guest Evangelist Perry Stone, Jr. extended into its 10th night on Wednesday, and those who have taken part in "what the Spirit of the Lord" is doing say "God is not done with America, the Church, or the Next Generation."

Dr. Malachi O'Brien, the pastor of The Church at Pleasant Ridge in Harrisonville, Missouri, took to X to comment on what has been taking place at the church and previously shared that Gen Z is seeking Jesus. He is thankful for Jentezen Franklin, the Senior Pastor of Free Chapel, Free Chapel's leadership, and Stone, for making room for more people to have an opportunity to give their lives to the Lord.

Now it's been extended again, through Friday night.

On Halloween – a night when young people typically aren't in church –  thousands of young people worshipped Jesus Christ with a fervor that could only be described as a genuine move of the Holy Spirit.

"Last night was a Halloween I will never forget," Franklin wrote on X Tuesday.  "Hundreds of youth were singing, dancing, and celebrating Jesus!"

"So beautiful watching young people praising God on Halloween," Free Chapel commented on Instagram. "Overflow was full of people hungry for God's presence. We give all the glory to God for what He has been doing at Revival."


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The unexpected outpouring has led hundreds of people to pack the altar of the church seeking forgiveness, healing, and rededicating their lives to Jesus Christ.

"I have never seen more people in the altars seeking God, receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Friday night, hundreds were baptized in the Holy Spirit. We took Saturday off and preached two services on Sunday. And on [Monday] with overflow and everybody on the property, there were over 5,000 people on the property for the revival," Stone described in a Facebook video.

Stone was invited to close out the church's "Signs of the Times" series on Sunday, Oct. 22 which has included speakers like Pastor John Hagee and Pastor Jimmy Evans. 

But the response during Sunday night's altar call was beyond what Stone expected. 

"I was actually overwhelmed to see the massive crowd of men and women and many young people that packed out the large sanctuary to receive the word of the Lord. When the altar call was given the front, and all the aisles, were filled with people seeking God for forgiveness, and to be free from offenses and hurts," he wrote. 

"There's been a real move of the Spirit that has broken out," Stone shared in a Facebook live video. "Honestly, it's more about salvation and repentance and restoration."

The response prompted Franklin and other church leaders to call a special revival service on Monday and Tuesday night. 

He continued, "When the altar service came, the glory of the Lord just began to move in the altar services. So we said let's go Monday and Tuesday night." 

And what has taken place, has not stopped. 

"The hunger level is incredible," Stone described Monday. "The glory of God came in the altar call and people did not want to leave."

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As CBN News previously reported, Franklin has called what is taking place as "life-changing" and is inviting people to join in-person or virtually.

"The past two nights have been life-changing and we give God all the glory for what He is doing," he wrote on X. "This is all about Jesus and we are humbled by the families being healed and the people coming to know God.  Please join us in prayer, America and the world need revival."


Stone announced that they do not know how long the services will go, but that they are "going with the flow."

"So beautiful when we get in God's presence. We have no words for what God has been doing this week in our revival. Lives are being changed, hope restored, and restoration taking place. We give the glory all to Him," the ministry wrote on social media. 


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