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God Behind Bars Blesses Incarcerated Moms with Tear-Filled Reunions on Mother's Day

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The non-profit ministry God Behind Bars gave incarcerated moms the gift of a lifetime this Mother's Day – an opportunity to spend time with the children they rarely see.

The national prison ministry continually works to restore the lives of inmates by building their faith during incarceration and after their release. And through their outreach programs, they are working to reach the more than 2.3 million people in the prison system.

But God Behind Bars does not stop at just saving inmates and restoring their lives, they go as far as helping to rebuild broken relationships between inmates and their children. 

This Mother's Day, moms who had not seen their children in years were reunited with them as tiny feet and outstretched arms raced toward tearful mothers.

Moms who were not imprisoned got the chance to spend time with their imprisoned daughters.

"Being a mother in prison does not change the fact that they are STILL mothers," the ministry shared on Instagram. "They hold value and purpose in the life of their children! We believe in restoring and reuniting mothers with their children!" 

Two-thirds of parents in prison have never received a visit from their family and 75% of children with one incarcerated parent are more likely to end up in prison. More than a third of these parents will still be in prison by the time their young children reach their 18th birthday, according to one Department of Justice report.

"THIS IS OUR FIGHT to break the cycle of incarceration for families," God Behind Bars once explained.

One incarcerated mother, who had not seen her five children in 2.5 years, got the opportunity to spend time with them.

She was able to give them backpacks, gifts, and hand-written letters sharing how much she loved them. 

"This moment we will cherish forever," God Behind Bars said of the reunion. "We believe that these moments break the cycle of generational incarceration!"

Ministry to Women 

Earlier this month, God Behind Bars ministered to more than 300 women at a women's correctional facility. 

God Behind Bars CEO Jake Bodine personally shared the Gospel to the inmates and more than 250 women gave their lives to Jesus Christ. 

Bodine told CBN News he started the organization in 2009 with the mission to "reach the least of these," and it has blossomed into a revival-type movement at correctional facilities across the country. 

"Women came up for prayer, they asked that we pray that their meth addictions would be broken and that they would be able to forgive their abusers. God is breaking strongholds behind bars," the ministry shared. 

God Behind Bars makes it clear that their goal is to spread hope that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ from cell to cell. 

"We will stop at nothing, ensuring every inmate in the U.S. has direct and personal access to the gospel and spiritual resources to not only help them grow their faith, but heal trauma and wounds, break addictions and cycles, and allow them to step into their calling as sons and daughters of the Most High," their website reads.

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