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'Gender Nightmare': Even Secular People Sounding Alarm on 'Medical Atrocities' in Trans Debate

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A journalist on a mission to expose what he believes is the deceptive underbelly of gender ideology has released a new podcast season aimed at exposing lies.

Listen to them on the latest episode of “Quick Start”

Brandon Showalter, a journalist with The Christian Post who recently released season three of his “Generation Indoctrination” show, believes America is experiencing a potential turning point when it comes to the transgender discussion.

“When you see children being hurt, that really gets people’s attention,” Showalter said. “And we live in an age when doctors will go to work tomorrow and cut the breasts off of 13-year-old girls; I’m not making that up. We’re watching children become sterilized.”

Showalter said opposition to some of what’s happening on the gender front isn’t limited to Christian circles, as concern appears to be spreading in nearly every sector.

“Even people who are very secular — they’re not religious people — it taps into something deeply human,” he said. “And when people realize what’s at stake — that children are being harmed in this way and that they are having their options … foreclosed because of an experimental, medical treatment protocol that has no basis in science, and there’s no long-term studies to confirm that gender confusion in children should be treated with … blockers, hormones … even secular people don’t want to see that happen.”

Watch Showalter explain:

Showalter said his documentary-style podcast sheds light on these issues, among others. “Generation Indoctrination” features interviews with detransitioners, parents whose kids have become entrapped in the gender nightmare, and key figures on the frontlines of the legislative battle.

“There are families, and children, and young people who have had their lives completely destroyed by this,” he said. “These are medical atrocities.”

Showalter is hoping the show helps expose what’s unfolding and point people back to truth.

“The only hope that I have … is in Jesus Christ, the Lord,” he said. “At the end of the day, that’s where it lands for me.”

You can hear Showalter’s Generation Indoctrination podcast:

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