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Former Planned Parenthood Director Reveals Why She’s Desperate for People to Escape the Abortion Industry


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Abby Johnson is a former clinical director at Planned Parenthood, the abortion provider that terminates over 300,000 young lives every single year. But after eight years facilitating the organization’s often brutal work, everything changed when Johnson witnessed an ultrasound-guided abortion during which a 13-week-old baby fought for its life, but ultimately succumbed to the trauma.

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After this horrifying experience, the evils of abortion suddenly dawned on Johnson, and she decided to leave the organization for good, instead seeking to advocate on behalf of the unborn and to help other workers escape the sordid abortion industry.

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Now, she is helping create a movie based on her astonishing life story. “Unplanned” does not yet have an official release date, though it is likely to be announced very soon.

In a candid interview on the Lucas Miles Show, Johnson talked at length of her excitement at the movie’s development and detailed some of her experiences as an abortion-worker-turned-pro-life-activist.

Speaking to her on the set of “Unplanned,” Miles pressed Johnson on her feelings as she watches the plot unfold in production — a narrative that she, on occasion, finds herself wincing at the sight of.

“I’m watching them be the worst version of myself,” she said. “It’s hard, but also beautiful because I can see how far I’ve come. I can see God’s presence in my life and how incredible that has been.”

As for her former life as a Planned Parenthood executive, she said that, in light of her experiences, she believes her process of grief will be long-lasting.

“I expect I’ll be healing from my past for the rest of my earthly life,” Johnson said.

So how did she get involved with Planned Parenthood in the first place?

“I was 21 and was in college,” she said. “I met a woman who was recruiting volunteers in Planned Parenthood. I didn’t know anything about them. I was raised in a pro-life home, but abortion wasn’t something we sat around and discussed  at the dinner table.”

Planned Parenthood, which has an annual revenue of around $200 million, devotes a huge amount of resources to sending representatives to college campuses to recruit young and enthusiastic workers who it hopes will carry out its mission in the future.

“I was very naive, and very easily manipulated when I heard the talking points from this Planned Parenthood recruiter,” Johnson said, adding that the recruiter was “so smooth” in the way she presented the work of the organization.

Contrary to popular opinion in the pro-life community, Abby said that the recruiter declared her organization was “here to help women,” and that abortion is “not very common with us.” The woman added that it was “better for [abortion] to be safe rather than people dying from these illegal abortions.”

“All of that to me, in my naivety, really did make sense,” Johnson admitted.

Find out what Johnson witnessed at the clinic that made her turn in her resignation. Read the rest of the story at 

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