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EXCLUSIVE: Franklin Graham Tells CBN News He Thinks Democratic Party is 'Opposed to Faith'

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Evangelist Franklin Graham says he saw a sharp distinction between the Republican National Convention and last week's Democratic National Convention, saying he thinks the Democratic Party is "opposed to faith." 

In an exclusive interview with CBN News on Friday, he explained to David Brody why he's asking God to spare the country under President Trump's leadership before what he calls a vicious 'storm.'

David Brody: "What did you make of the President's speech, the acceptance speech at the White House on Thursday night?"

Franklin Graham: "Well, I think he covered all the bases. Who would want this job to be honest with you?"

David Brody: "The last two weeks, we've seen the Democrats' convention and see the Republicans' convention. Can you give us a compare and contrast? What have you seen from a faith perspective or lack thereof?"

Franklin Graham: "The Democrats are really if anything, they are opposed to faith. There are millions of Democrats in this country that are wonderful people. My father was a Democrat okay? All of his life. Never switched parties. But he saw the party that he grew up in changing and moving to the left, and that's what it's done. And so the Democratic Party today is a party of the left. It's a socialist party. They want socialism for this country."

David Brody: "You're a straight shooter, for sure. What do you make of the debate going on in the church about those who will vote for Trump and some who just can't get there based on what they call character issues? I know, for example, that daughter is very outspoken for the president and then of course, you have a niece who wrote a scathing editorial. It's affected families, yours and mine, and many others."

Franklin Graham: "Well, I understand people have different opinions in the evangelical community. I'm not a spokesman for them. I'm just one person and so there's a lot of opinions and ideas and views and unfortunately, people that don't know the president, some of them have negative views that they have gotten those views from a negative press that is controlled by the socialists and so they've kind of bought into that. And that's unfortunate. But at the same time, I'm not a spokesperson. I'm just going to do what I believe God's called me to do. And I'm going to call things the way I see him."

David Brody: "September 26. I want you to talk about this rally here in Washington; it's really a prayer event.

Franklin Graham: "It's a prayer march. We're going to start just right down the street here at the Lincoln Memorial and come by the Washington Memorial right down here to the Capitol and I'm asking people to join me. We don't have any speakers; don't have any stage or other people preaching or whatever. We're coming to pray…the only hope of this country is God. Donald Trump can't turn it around. Biden isn't going to turn it around. Only God can do this, okay? And we need God's help. The Democrats have taken God pretty much out of out of government and there's a lot of Republicans that want to take God out of government. A lot of them, but I just thank God that we've got a president who wants God, not only in his administration but he wants to see more of God here in Washington."

David Brody: "It seems like we're at a real crossroads here. We've been at a crossroads before but what's going on here spiritually, especially as it relates to right now in our country?"

Franklin Graham: "Well, the changes that the left want to make and taking us into socialism is going to affect the church. The government will begin to tell the church, how they can be the church, and they'll close the church down in many places. We see right now, because of COVID, the government trying to tell the church that they cannot meet and the Constitution gives us that freedom to do that, but because of COVID, they said, 'We can't meet'."

David Brody: "On this president, I have asked before about this as to whether God put Trump in office for such a time as this and there are obviously many people who say He has, but what happens if he loses?"

Franklin Graham: "I think God brought him here for this season, for these four years. I'm just asking that God would spare this country for another four years to give us a little bit more time to do the work before the storm hits. I believe the storm is coming. You're going to see Christians attacked; you're going to see churches close; you're going to see a real hatred expressed toward people of faith. That's coming."

David Brody: "It's like Trump is trying to hold back what you're talking about here."

Franklin Graham: "Well, first of all, God uses men. He works through men and I believe Donald Trump is the president for a reason. I think God has put him in this position. Western civilization as we have known it, he is defending that."

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