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Ex-Transgender Drug Dealer Saw First Signs of Revival During Pandemic, 120+ Baptized in Holy Spirit


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Revival has been brewing in the U.S. for several years already. That's what Nichol Collins says - a woman who once lived as a transgender drug dealer for 20 years. But after a brutal attack, she became a Christian and now shares the gospel with anyone who will listen.

Serving as a minister in recent years, she has prayed with people on social media to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Then, when the coronavirus hit America, Collins started getting calls from people seeking spiritual help. 

"When the pandemic broke out a lot of people started contacting me because they knew I was already a spiritual midwife so to speak," Collins said in an interview with CBN News. 

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After the virus shut down businesses, schools, and even churches, she said many were filled with fear and were hungry for more of the things of God.

"People were terrified and they wanted to be endued with power and they started saying, 'Hey I heard that you pray with people to receive the Holy Spirit,'" Collins explained  "And I always clarify to people that I'm not giving it out. God is pouring out his spirit in the last days on all flesh.  I'm just a conduit to pray with people, kind of coach them through it. Explain it, make them more comfortable. That this is a gift to anyone who asks according to Luke chapter 11:13."

"People started contacting me kind of in a frenzy," said Collins. "I started praying with people to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. And when we got to number 6 or 7, the Lord just dropped in my spirit, 'the Corona Revival.' What the devil means for evil, God always turns things around for the good."

At first, Collins only expected a few people to receive the spiritual impartation.

"I said Lord just fill 50 people with the Holy Ghost. I think that'll be a great goal. That's the number of Jubilee. And so, before I knew it, fifty souls had been filled."

"They were calling on What's App," explained Collins. "Some were on Instagram Live. I mean all social media platforms. This thing was just being poured out."

Collins' revival outreach has been reaching those in and outside of the LGBTQ lifestyle.

"Many of these people have not even been in the homosexual lifestyle," she said. "It's been about maybe ten out of these 125 people. It's been about ten that's coming out of perversion. They were cross-dressing. Some men were living as women. Some women were living as men."

The ministry has also spread to other parts of the world. 

"It's been actually three people in Uganda, Jamaica, just numerous countries."

Collins said she never imagined what she sees taking place almost daily.

"I just asked God to fill 50 and it got here so quick," said Collins. "I said Lord fill 120 like on the Day of Pentecost.  When they were in that upper room there were a hundred and twenty souls, including the mother of Jesus. And now God has exceeded that and filled 125 people as of this morning." 

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