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Evangelist Ray Comfort's Encounter With Demon-Possessed Woman: 'In the Middle of a Horror Movie'

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“The demons in her screamed like you wouldn’t believe.”

That’s how evangelist Ray Comfort described a shocking encounter he once had in Christchurch, New Zealand, with a young woman he believes was fighting the demonic.

“I’m right in the middle of a horror movie that I couldn’t believe was happening,” he said of the experience.

Comfort, who first recounted the story in “Out of the Comfort Zone,” told CBN Digital the entire ordeal surrounded a young woman named Jane who was experiencing blackouts and other spiritual issues.

The evangelist said she came to his office for help one day with her friend — and chaos broke out.

Watch Comfort explain:

“Her friend ran out crying and screaming out that Jane was manifesting,” Comfort said. “She’d gone into a blackout state, and she was crawling on her hands and knees … I went in and began talking with Jane and praying — exercising prayer — and telling her that she needed to get right with God.”

The evangelist noticed “trinkets” she was wearing and described them as “demonic-looking.”

One looked like a little fairy, so Comfort told her to ditch these items and to become a Christian. While the situation tempered that day, it was hardly the end of their encounters.

“Two weeks later, I received a phone call from a friend [who] said, ‘Jane is having blackouts again. Can we come and see you?'” Comfort recalled. “And it turned out she hadn’t become a Christian and she hadn’t gotten rid of that trinket.”

While he waited in his office, Jane’s friend screamed to him that Jane had once again blacked out on the stairs. Comfort went to investigate and found her leaning against the wall in a “blackout state.”

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“I went to take hold of her and put my hand on her arm, and she ran ahead of me,” he said. “And I’m not exaggerating here: she threw herself over a 15 or 20-foot drop.”

But Comfort said he grabbed on before she plummeted and screamed for her friends to help stop her from fully going over the ledge. Once she was safe, they carried her back to his office as she descended back into her blackout state — but that didn’t last for long.

“[She was] sitting down in my office, manifesting all these different weird demons,” he said. “And, at one point, the dexterity was quite amazing. With one hand, she reached into a blouse and pulled out a safety pin … and tried to swallow it.”

He continued, “I think three times she grabbed cords from lights in the office and tried to strangle herself, and the demon screamed out, ‘We’re going to kill.’ And I said, ‘You can’t touch us because we’re Christians.'”

But that’s when Comfort heard this same voice clarify that Jane wasn’t a Christian and could thus be harmed.

“It was quite horrific,” he said, adding he had to, at one point, stop her from “trying to gouge her eyes out.”

Jane was also holding tight to something — so much so he said her “knuckles had lost all the blood out of them.” When Comfort pried her hand open, he found the fairy trinket he had told her to get rid of.

“I grabbed it, walked across the other side of the room … I got a hammer, put that trinket on it. I had my back to Jane. She had her eyes closed,” he said. “These two friends were standing between me and her, and this is no exaggerating — every time I hit the hammer on that little trinket, the demons in her screamed like you wouldn’t believe.”

Comfort said he tossed the parts out the window and helped Jane finally make a commitment to Jesus — something he believes gave her the healing she needed.

“She got rid of all the trinkets, and, when she left, she was free,” he said, “She came [to my office] the next day and she was bruised, but she didn’t remember a thing from being blacked out through that whole episode — not a thing, and she was completely free.”

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