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Driscoll Resigns, Mars Hill Board Requests Prayer


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Pastor Mark Driscoll resigned from his role of lead pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington, Tuesday.

It's move that fellow leaders of the mega church are calling surprising.

Driscoll has been on a two-month leave of absence while elders in the church conducted an extensive investigation regarding a series of formal charges.

In statement on the church website, The Board of Overseers stated they found Driscoll guilty of arrogance, a quick temper, and harsh speech.

"Pastor Mark has never been charged with any immorality, illegality or heresy. Most of the charges involved attitudes and behaviors reflected by a domineering style of leadership," the Board wrote.

They expressed they were surprised to receive his resignation letter.

"It would be best for the health of our family, and for the Mars Hill family, that we step aside from further ministry at the church," a letter from Driscoll stated, according to the Board.

"While we believe Mark needs to continue to address these areas in his life, we do not believe him to be disqualified from pastoral ministry," the Board wrote.

The Mars Hill Board has asked their congregation for prayer as they work through the pastoral transition.

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