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Dr. Birx To CBN News: OK for Churches to Meet Indoors, Wear a Mask


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During an interview with CBN News, White House Coronavirus Task Force Coordinator Deborah Birx said she doesn't see why churches can't meet indoors but should abide by proper safety and health precautions. 

In California, health officials are taking some churches to court for refusing the state's requirement that church is held outdoors only. 

"I've met with many people inside," Dr. Birx tells CBN News. What I always do is wear a mask…that's what we need to do in the churches. Churches are filled with people who are compassionate and passionate for each other. Let's show that compassion for each other and the humility to really say now we know, masks work." 

When asked specifically about California officials, who are telling churches they can only meet outdoors, Dr. Birx said, "Well, if the same officials are having meetings because they have to discuss what to do with the virus, if people are meeting and socially distancing in federal or state buildings, then you can bring that same safety to any American but you need to really be rigid about wearing a mask and socially distancing." 

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Beyond churches, when it comes to the upcoming election, Birx doesn't see a problem with going to the polls in person in November. 

She came to this conclusion after visiting dozens of Starbucks across the country in high-risk states. "If you go into Starbucks in the middle of Texas and Alabama and Mississippi that have very high case rates, then I can't say that it would be different waiting in line in the polls." 

She also talked to CBN News about when a vaccine might be ready and who should get it. 

"Certainly, we would want to vaccinate those that we know are at the highest risk; individuals in nursing homes, those with multiple comorbidities, having both hypertension, diabetes, and a weight issue," she says. "Those are individuals independent of age that we would like to see vaccinated." 

Birx is not a politician but the politics surrounding the coronavirus has affected her and her family. 

"I do get death threats and I get text messages that are horrific," she said. "I get stuff sent to my home that is shocking. My daughters get shocking messages on their phones. All of that has been happening since March." 

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