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Dozens Killed as Deadly Storm System Moves East


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A deadly storm system has killed at least 43 people in seven states and it's not over yet. The massive front stretches from New Mexico to Michigan and is moving eastward.

Just outside of Dallas, a tornado roared through the neighborhood of Rowlett. It tossed trucks and tore trees apart. Another twister hit the suburb of Garland, Texas, clocked as an EF-4.

"We're very grateful that we're alive and that we're all safe - all this can be replaced," one survivor said.

The tornadoes killed at least eight people in the Dallas area and injured dozens.

CBN's Operation Blessing has deployed teams to help the Dallas area in recovery efforts.

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But the tornadoes are not the only threat. The same weather system has brought heavy snow and flooding to other areas.

In northwest Texas, drifting snow has shut down Interstate 40 into New Mexico. Authorities are also discouraging travel in 26 counties in the panhandle.

In Oklahoma, the governor has declared a state of emergency because of blizzard conditions. 

An ice storm warning has also been issued out West, with two to four inches of sleet and snow expected by late Monday. Eastern Oklahoma is under a flood warning and flooding in Missouri has already killed several and led to a state of emergency there as well.

The severe weather has affected busy holiday air travel. Airlines have canceled more than 1,000 flights and delayed more than 4,000.

The winter storm will continue to disrupt travel for days. It's expected to advance to Chicago today and hit the northeast tomorrow.

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