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'Domino Revival' Sparks Miracles, Deliverance, Baptisms - Now It's Returning to Theaters Nov. 13

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A faith-based film that captures the "awe-inspiring power of Jesus Christ" through preaching, documented healings, and powerful deliverances will be back in theaters on November 13 due to popular demand.

"The Domino Revival" hit theaters nationwide on Oct. 24 and hundreds shared online that seeing the film transformed their lives. Now it is back by popular demand.

"The Domino Revival movie was released in over 1,000 theaters," shared Pastor Mike Signorelli of V1 Church in New York City. "People were canceling their own suicides, praying for each other in the movie theater, and casting out demons in public because of that (film)."

Signorelli is the executive producer of the film and told CBN News the movie was an evangelism tool to draw in people who would not necessarily step foot inside a church. 

"Buy them the tickets. $12 is worth their soul. Whatever the ticket costs, it's worth their soul," he said. "When they see this footage, I believe that God is going to minister to them."

After the film played in the theaters, Signorelli conducted a simulcast live stream where he led a service that allowed people to get prayer, healing, and deliverance. 

One young girl who attended the movie with her friends because they bought her a ticket said she encountered God, her legs were healed, and she went to get baptized after seeing the movie. 

"Tina and Alex bought a ticket for me and I went and it changed my life," she explained. "I just felt so much lighter. I felt warm and loved for the first time in my entire life. I felt God's love."

Signorelli told CBN's Faithwire that so many people are taking part in mass baptisms and revival moments in reaction to a chaotic culture.

"People are revolting against this new world — this new America, the new ideals, the new definitions of things," Signorelli said. "And they're finding it's not working, and what appears to be freedom is actually not freedom at all."

Another young girl who said she struggled with suicidal thoughts shared on social media that while watching the film she received deliverance. 

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"I raised my hand and the fire of the Holy Spirit went from my fingers to the bottom of my feet," she shared. "I was trembling and I was shaking. I went in there ready to change somebody else's life through deliverance and lo and behold, I got deliverance."

Signorelli is hoping "The Domino Revival" will continue to impact hearts and lives.

"I didn't make a movie just for Pentecostals, or just for charismatics, or just for Baptists," he said. "I really attempted to make a movie about the Gospel, because what we all should agree on within orthodoxy is the Gospel and that Christ, the son of the living God, came, died for our sins, and, on the third day, rose again." 

Find out more and get tickets here.

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