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Devon Archer Bombshell Testimony; Joe Biden Was 'The Brand' Used to Send 'Signals' of Power, Access, and Influence

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In bombshell testimony, Devon Archer, a former business partner of  Hunter Biden, told congressional investigators that Hunter used his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to help a family "brand" that brought "value" to foreign clients who were seeking influence in Washington. 

Archer told the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability he considered Hunter Biden to be a "lobbyist" who leveraged a "very powerful name" to score millions in deals with foreign businessmen, including the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma --where Hunter served on the board of directors. Burisma was seeking protection from corruption probes and other legal problems. 

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slider img 2Here are excerpts from Archer's Monday testimony, released today, and edited for brevity:

Rep. Andy Biggs: When you say "Biden family" I just want to get a clarification. You aren't talking about Dr. Jill or anybody else. You're talking about Joe Biden. Is that fair to say? 

Devon Archer:  Yeah, that's fair to say. Listen, I don't think about it as, you know, Joe directly, but it's fair. That's fair to say. Obviously, that brought the most value to the brand.  I think Burisma would have gone out of business if it didn't have the brand attached to it." 

Rep. Dan Goldman: Well, I don't understand.  How does that have an impact? 

Mr. Archer: Well, the capabilities to navigate D.C...And I think that preserved them a longevity standpoint.  

Mr. Goldman: But how would that work? 

Mr. Archer: Because people would be intimidated to mess with them. 

Mr. Goldman: In what way? 

Mr. Archer:  Legally. 

Archer testified then-Vice President Joe Biden attended dinners with Hunter Biden's foreign business associates who wired money to Biden-associated companies.

Majority Counsel: Why did Rosemont Seneca Bohai receive this $142,000 payment from Rakishev?

Mr. Archer: It was for a car. 

Majority Counsel: For whose car?

Mr. Archer: For Hunter's car.

Then Archer was if Hunter Biden ever put his dad on speakerphone when he was trying to finalize a foreign business deal. 

Archer: Yes.

President Biden has repeatedly denied ever being in business with his son or ever having any knowledge about his son's business dealings. 

Some Republicans believe the Archer testimony bolsters their case for impeachment hearings against the president, while Democrats said the testimony did just the opposite. 

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