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'Dare 2 Share' Holds Global Youth Outreach Saturday: 'Let's Ask God for Revival'

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Imagine if thousands of teenagers shared God's love in 70 different countries across the world for a day of global youth evangelism.

Organizers of Dare 2 Share Live, a national, one-of-kind, multi-site training and outreach event, are hoping to reach millions of young people with the Gospel message on November 11, 2023.

"With skyrocketing statistics of teen depression, anxiety and suicide, I believe we must do something radical to change the spiritual trajectory of this current generation of teenagers," explained Dare 2 Share founder and CEO, Greg Stier. 

"Only the good news of Jesus can set them free from all they're going through! That's what Dare 2 Share LIVE is all about. It's about reaching a generation with the hope of Jesus and then mobilizing them to reach their peers until every teen, everywhere, has every last chance to put their faith in Jesus," he added. 

For the last three decades, Stier has helped to organize a yearly event that encourages teens to get out in their community and share the Gospel. And this year, more than 2,100 sites in 70 countries will host young people for Dare 2 Share Live. 

"There's one billion teenagers worldwide and most of them desperately need an encounter with Jesus Christ," said Stier. "The best ones to reach those teens are other teens that they know." 

This year's event will provide on-demand video content from speakers like Zane Black, Jerrod Gunter, Gustavo González, and Stier.

"When a teen is sharing the gospel, they are risking their social equity. They can be unfriended. They can be mocked. They can be marginalized. They can be ostracized. And that very risk, they're dying to themselves and they're picking up their cross and following Christ," Stier first told CBN News in 2017. 

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Dare 2 Share's content will be accessible to teens for an entire year and will train and equip young people to share their faith.

"Our mission is to energize the church, mobilize youth, and gospelize their world," Stier explained. 

Teenagers will be trained to use the Life in 6 app to start Gospel conversations. The faith-sharing app includes a heat map that shows active faith conversations. 

"This is the largest youth population in history. By leveraging technology, these young people have the opportunity to ignite a significant movement of Gospel conversations on one day. Our vision is to see every teen, everywhere, hear the Gospel message from a friend so this global expansion is a significant step in that direction," said Dare 2 Share President Debbie Bresina.

Once students complete the training, they can use the app to help them share the Gospel in their communities and practice what they have just learned. 

One youth leader shared, "I love the ministry of Dare 2 Share! They are doing evangelism training better than anyone. If you are a youth leader, get Dare 2 Share Live on your calendar. Just try it out."

Dare 2 Share leaders are praying this year's event sparks a bigger faith movement among youth. 

"Let's ask God for revival. That this event would spark a youth-led movement of Gospel conversations around the world," the group shared in a video message.

There are many ways to get involved and spread the word.  For more information about the Dare 2 Share Live event and to find a host site near you, visit their website at

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