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'The Church Has Been Serving Women for Decades': Pro-Life Groups Respond to Accusations They Only Care About Political Wins


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Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, many critics of the U.S. Supreme Court decision have argued those fighting for the lives of the unborn don't actually care for the mothers or their babies once the children are born. 

However, long-time pro-life advocates argue that's simply not the case. This is the story of the work one pro-life ministry has been doing for decades, and how that work is changing in light of the high court's decision.  

For 40 years, Lifeline Children's Services has been caring for women dealing with unexpected pregnancies, letting them know they have options while meeting both their tangible and spiritual needs. 

"Our mission is to equip the body of Christ to care for vulnerable children, their mothers, and their families," Chelsea Sobolik, senior director of Policy & Advocacy for Lifeline Children's Services explained. 

Sobolik told CBN News Lifeline is licensed in 17 states and has an international presence as well. 

"We care for women, their preborn children, and then a child after birth as well," she said. 

In addition, Lifeline helps children in the foster care system. 

"We equip the church to be able to care for foster families in their local community," Sobolik explained. "We have a program called Harbor Families that will provide respite care before a child ever enters into the foster care system. We provide pregnancy counseling for a woman to truly feel empowered to make either a parenting decision if that's in her best interest and the child's best interest, but also to make an adoption plan if that's where she feels led."

Sobolik says the key is partnerships with local churches. 

"We really do want to make sure women have what they need, but also that they feel seen and loved and the hope of the gospel and to know that those children are also taken care of," she noted. 

Born in Romania and adopted as a baby, Sobolik sees this work as very personal. 

"Adoption has been normal for me my entire life because that's how our family was built," she told CBN News.

At the age of 17, Sobolik learned she wouldn't be able to have children. She and her husband are currently pursuing an international adoption through Lifeline and trusting God to grow their family. 

"He's called us to this," Sobolik said. "He's directing our steps, and he knows who our children are."

And she bristles at accusations that pro-life advocates only care about political wins and not the women involved. 

"Look back at the work done over the past 40 or 50 years," Sobolik said. "There have been hundreds and hundreds of pregnancy resource centers started all over the country to care for the practical needs of women. Christians are three times more likely to adopt than people who don't have faith. The church has been serving women for decades." 

Sobolik adds while it's too early to gauge the impact of the Supreme Court's decision on adoption in America, Lifeline stands ready to help both the women and children affected in post-Roe America.  

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