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Christians Gather at Idaho Capitol After Media Outlet Threatens 'Keep Your Religion Out of Gov't'


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An Idaho newspaper called Christians who gathered at a worship event led by Sean Feucht "dangerous activists" who are "full of hate" and threatened them saying "keep your religion out of our government".

The harsh warning was printed in an opinion piece in the Idaho Statesmen just a day before Feucht and his group Hold the Line, along with Turning Point USA Faith held a rally Tuesday as part of their "Kingdom to the Capitol" tour.

"Feucht and his group are playing on the same, tired, worn-out, BS, far-right 'fears' that evildoers on the Left are coming for your children, through the schools, through the libraries, at Pride festivals and drag shows. They frame the issue as a fight between good and evil, light vs. dark. Predictably, they clutch their pearls at transgender apparel at Target or popular music videos," wrote the editorial board. 

It continued, "It's no accident the rallies are being held at state Capitol buildings, as these charlatans increasingly want to inject their brand of religion into politics."

But Feucht pushes back, pointing out that the gathering of Christ-seekers was far from dangerous. It emboldened local believers to share the Good News of God's salvation and freedom in their community.

"The BOLD CHURCH of Idaho rose up with power and authority over their State Capitol," he wrote. 

From New York to Washington State, from the East Coast to the West, people are being changed, healed, and set free at these events.


And while the mainstream media labels it as "dangerous", Feucht shares it is simply what happens when Spirit-filled believers gather together and celebrate Jesus.

"The media calls us 'dangerous' - and they are the powers of darkness," he wrote on Instagram.

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In a recent tweet, Feucht posted, "More than 12,000 'dangerous' God-fearing, America-loving worshipers flooded the capitols in Washington, Oregon & Idaho! Thank every one of you for TAKING A STAND for Jesus in your state!"

Evangelist Matt Brown, with ThinkE ministries, added, "The reality is, God has called believers to make a difference and be the salt of the earth - to help better people's lives, and protect the innocent."

Alex Murashko with Media on a Mission criticized the 159-year-old Idaho newspaper for its negative attacks and mischaracterization of Feucht and Idahoan believers. 

"It appears that they are trying to do the work of bonafide journalists. But in the case of the board's commentary, it's clear that the editors did not interview the alleged 'dangerous activists' or attempt to substantiate the veracity of the characterization," he wrote. "It is still somewhat shocking for me to see mainstream-type of media be so blatantly biased or simply have such a limited worldview."

Feucht is no stranger to this type of criticism. 

Earlier this year, far-left activists vandalized a church building that was scheduled to hold a New Year's Eve worship service led by the worship leader. 

And witches, warlocks, and Satanists have openly protested his gatherings with one self-proclaimed Satanist throwing blood on a guest speaker at one of his worship outreaches.

Feucht maintains that despite the opposition the people of God "will not be silenced".

"I was so proud and honored to worship in the blazing heat while the Satanists were blaring and yet God was moving," he recently shared. "The gates of hell will not prevail!!"

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