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Christians Don't 'Shove Aside' Impeachment Hearings, Rise Up and Pray: Here's How


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The non-profit, non-partisan organization, My Faith Votes, has issued a call to prayer. The group is calling for all Americans to understand the impeachment process and for Christians to pray regularly for the country during this time.

The organization urges all Americans and Christians to do this even though "the political and partisan noise is rising to an all-time high," its website states.

"While it's tempting to shove the hearings aside and chalk it all up to partisan politics, we need to be informed, engaged, and bring the solutions of our faith to the discussion table," Jason Yates, CEO of My Faith Votes, said in an email. 

"Most importantly, we need to pray," he continued. 

The organization put together a guide, entitled, "The Impeachment Process & A Christian's Call to Prayer".

It begins by first explaining the definition of impeachment and the process:

"Our Founding Fathers granted Congress the power of impeachment as a key part of our system of checks and balances — in this case the legislative branch (Congress) checking the executive (the president)."

In describing the process, My Faith Votes breaks it down into 10 steps, from the Speaker of the House issuing a formal impeachment inquiry, to what happens if the Senate does or does not obtain a two-thirds majority in a vote on removing a president from office.

The next part is "A Christian's Response in Prayer".

"However, now that a formal impeachment inquiry has launched, Christians must be informed and committed to faithfully praying for our nation during this process ( OPEN VERSE IN BIBLE (nlt) )," the website states.

The prayer guide involves four steps:

1. "Pray for Truth and Justice to Prevail: Pray for our Constitution to be upheld and followed throughout the inquiry of the impeachment process. Pray for any hidden information or political motives by either political party to be exposed, and for the truth to be seen and heard. Pray the truths found in scripture regarding justice over the impeachment process ( OPEN VERSE IN BIBLE (nlt) , OPEN VERSE IN BIBLE (nlt) , OPEN VERSE IN BIBLE (nlt) , OPEN VERSE IN BIBLE (nlt) )."

2. "Pray for our Representatives: Pray for our elected representatives in the House and the Senate, that they would pursue the Lord for His wisdom in the midst of political uncertainty and investigations. Pray that they would serve the Lord in fear and humility, seek out the truth, and be honest and fair in their investigation ( OPEN VERSE IN BIBLE (nlt) , OPEN VERSE IN BIBLE (nlt) , OPEN VERSE IN BIBLE (nlt) , OPEN VERSE IN BIBLE (nlt) , OPEN VERSE IN BIBLE (nlt) )."

3. "Pray for our President: Pray for President Trump and his family, that no division or strife would come between them as political foes raise accusations. Pray for the President's attorneys to represent him fairly, truthfully, and winsomely. Pray any falsehoods brought against the President would dissipate. Pray that President Trump would humble himself and draw near to the Lord during this process ( OPEN VERSE IN BIBLE (nlt) , OPEN VERSE IN BIBLE (nlt) , OPEN VERSE IN BIBLE (nlt) )."

4. "Pray for National Unity: Pray for peace in our nation despite the growing political divide. Pray for a strengthening of our nation and that Americans unite around America's founding values. Pray against the spirit of division that seeks to take root in the hearts of Americans throughout this impeachment process. Pray for unity among families, neighbors, co-workers, and all Americans ( OPEN VERSE IN BIBLE (nlt) , OPEN VERSE IN BIBLE (nlt) , OPEN VERSE IN BIBLE (nlt) )."

"Specifically, we ask you to pray for each person on the House Intelligence Committee, the committee handling the impeachment inquiry," Yates wrote in an email. "Pray for each member by name."

"Pray they would operate in good-faith bipartisanship, seeking only the truth, with the overarching desire to be fair, comprehensive, and full of integrity as they listen to each testimony given," he continued. 

"Let us remain faithful to what God calls us to in for the sake of our communities and our nation: 'Seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the LORD for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper,'" Yates included in the email.

On its website, My Faith Votes describes itself as a "non-partisan movement that motivates, equips and activates Christians in America to vote in every election, transforming our communities and influencing our nation with biblical truth."

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