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Allison Bond. (Photo credit: KTLM Project/Facebook) Used with permission.

'Bless People with Encouragement': Arkansas Girl Spreads God's Love One Letter at a Time

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Positivity is defined as the practice or tendency to be positive or optimistic in life. To the many people she has written around the world, Allison Bond fits that very definition. 

Bond's grandmother told her before she died to "Always do good" and today she's living out that advice with a different kind of personal one-to-one ministry. 

Even though she was born 25 weeks premature, has mild cerebral palsy, and is developmentally disabled, it has not stopped her from writing and sending positive letters to people. She personally writes each letter out in longhand.  

Treasured keepsakes. Bond keeps every response she receives from her letters. (Photo credit: KTLM Project/Facebook) Used with permission. 

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Three years ago, Bond started the Lincoln, Arkansas-based Kindness Through Letters Mission (KTLM).  She told CBN News she started reaching out to people during the pandemic. 

"I wanted to bless people with encouragement and spread God's love to them. I started writing to pen-pals and soldiers and prisoners," she explained. 

Bond told CBN News that she has so far written more than 2,000 letters and she keeps every response she receives. 

"I love sharing God's love with this ministry and being an inspiration to others, as well, I do this all on my own," she said recently in a Facebook post. "I love what I do. I hope I can inspire others to spread God's love to make this world so much better."

Bond writes another encouraging note amid a stack of letters. (Photo credit: KTLM Project/Facebook) Used with permission. 

Interestingly, some strangers have learned about her KTLM Project and have sent her stamps, paper, and pens to help her continue her letter-writing ministry to strangers.

Bond frequently asks her social media followers if they need prayers or an encouragement card sent to them. She also shares many Bible verses. 

When CBN News asked what her grandmother would think of her progress so far, Bond replied, "She would be extremely proud of me for this ministry and she would help me out as much as possible. She told me before she died to always "Be Good" so I took that to heart." 

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