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Bible Study Banned: Managers Threatening to Evict Man from His Own Apartment


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Retired minister Ken Hauge along with support from First Liberty is fighting for his right to hold a Bible study at his senior living community.

Hauge was asked to start the group by other residents. Many of the residents say they can't always go to church anymore and the Bible study on the property was a blessing to them.

The study grew so much that at one point that they asked to use a community room, which was granted.  But later they were told they couldn't hold the Bible study there. 

Hauge was also told by management that they could be evicted if they held the Bible study in his apartment.

"For my wife and I, it's sort of like resting in the eye of a hurricane. In the eye of the hurricane, it's peaceful and quiet, just don't get up against the walls," he said. 

Watch CBN News' Efrem Graham's interview above with First Liberty's Jeremy Dys about this case. 

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