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Anne Graham Lotz on 'Silver Lining' Despite Pandemic: 'You Can Have Peace, Whatever Comes'


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Evangelist Anne Graham Lotz knows a thing or two about hanging on to Jesus in tough times. In the last five years, she has lost her husband, Daniel Lotz, her father, the Rev. Billy Graham, and faced her own battle with breast cancer.

Through it all, she says she has learned to lean on the Lord for every need and she says connecting with the Holy Spirit is key for getting through any storm. 

"We are going through a worldwide, life-altering, game-changing event and I believe it is time to look up. it is time to get right with God," Graham Lotz said. 

Graham Lotz considers the COVID-19 pandemic a very dark cloud but shares that in the middle of the storm there is always a silver lining. 

"I'm reminded of those fierce storms now because the threatening black cloud of the coronavirus has enveloped our nation.  Its powerful impact is ricocheting from "peak to peak"– place to place–from our families to our homes, to our schools, to our businesses, to our sports, to our economy, to our churches, to our healthcare facilities…to our entire way of life, she wrote on her blog, Latest with Anne.  "It seems to be obliterating our view of freedom…of peace…of happiness. The swiftness of this storm's advance is stunning and almost breath-taking (pun intended)."

"I think the silver lining is when you are a child of God, God is with you," she told 700 Club host, Terry Meeuwsen. "The Bible says He will never leave, never forsake me. I have faced death in the last four years...but I've never lost my peace and never lost joy. And one reason is because of the constant companionship of the Holy Spirit."

Graham says consistency is the key. She is challenging believers to take time every day to read the Bible and to spend time in prayer. 

"You will have peace in your heart, whatever comes," she said. "Your faith is going to be stronger, your relationship with the Lord will be closer and I think that's the silver lining," she said. "This could be a moment that God would awaken the Church and brings us to that point of revival."

Grahams adds that this pandemic also provides an opportunity to share the Gospel with those who are afraid and lonely. 

"God has put us in their lives to, for this moment, to help draw them closer to the Lord," she said. 


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