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'Addictions Broken, Lives Restored': Thousands of Carolinians Set Free During 'Let Us Worship'

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The Carolinas were touched by the fire of God last weekend as thousands gathered to lift up the name Jesus during Sean Feucht's "Let Us Worship" revival events. 

The Christian artist has traveled across the country over the last year hosting these events as a way to spread God's Light across the U.S. during these challenging times. 

People of all ages and from different walks of life have come out to these worship events to receive salvation, be baptized, and entrust their lives to the Lord.

Feucht and his team were at Hanahan Amphitheater in Charleston, South Carolina on Saturday where people were set free from heroin addiction, anxiety, and depression. 

"FREEDOM ACROSS CHARLESTON!!!!!! Addictions broken, lives restored, suicide released and THE SPIRIT FILLING THOUSANDS!!"

With hands raised up to Heaven, hundreds of worshippers received God's amazing love. In the process, bodies were healed and souls were saved as the brokenhearted laid their burdens on the altar.

The revival moved to Greensboro, North Carolina on Sunday where over 5,000 worshippers turned their troubles over to God.

On the verge of tears, Feucht reflected on the powerful move of God taking place in the southern states.

"We have literally almost this whole place on their knees, repenting and rededicating their lives to Jesus," he said in a video. "This is incredible. I hope this encourages you. I'm blown away for what God is doing in the Carolinas. It's just getting better. It's just getting more full of His glory and there's a lot of hope for America."

And Feucht has no plans of stopping these Spirit-filled events that have brought hope and healing to so many.

For Easter weekend, Let Us Worship will be in Tennessee on April 3 and 4. To find out more about the events, click here.

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