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725 Churches Join Tim Tebow's 'Night to Shine' for Special Needs Young People: 'God's Royalty'

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Photo Credit: Tim Tebow Foundation

Thousands of people around the world honored young adults and teens with special needs and disabilities for the 10th annual "Night to Shine".

The event was created by the Tim Tebow Foundation in 2015 to share the love of God in a practical way. 

"We believe in Jesus as our greatest example, our how, and the answer. He loved us enough to give everything so that we could be reconciled with Him, and as Jesus accomplished His mission to save us from sin and separation from God, He also saved us for the mission of spreading the Gospel and loving people," Tim Tebow explained on X.  

"By God's grace, we have seen Night to Shine act as a catalyst, we've seen thousands of people serve with us and help turn Night to Shine into a worldwide movement to share the message that every person with special needs inherently deserves to be celebrated, that they're loved, and that their true identity is a child of God," Tebow shared.

This year's event was hosted on February 9 by 725 churches across 56 countries including several hundred churches in the U.S. 

Tebow and his wife, Demi, were able to surprise volunteers and guests at seven different Night to Shine locations including events in Guatemala, Belize, Colombia, Brazil, and three different churches in Ohio.

"It's good for the families to see their kids with a smile on their face, because they know the harsh reality of not every day is sunshine and rainbows or a special night," Kelly Harmody, a member at Church of the Resurrection in Solon, Ohio, told Fox 8.

Tebow also made an appearance at Christ's Church in Mason, Ohio writing on X, "So grateful for each and every church who has been with us since the beginning, and for all those incredible churches who are part now— 700+ this year!"

The mission of Night to Shine is "to bring faith, hope, and love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need."

Participants get to walk the event's signature red carpet amid applause and celebration.

Videos and images from the special night were shared across social media.

Caleb Crew wrote on X, "Thank you Tim Tebow and the Tim Tebow Foundation for another incredible night."


One volunteer shared that she was touched by the entire experience.

"I couldn't help but think what an incredible soul was sitting before me. What we didn't talk about was her disability. I didn't see what she couldn't do, but what she could do. At the end of the evening, I was truly sorry to see it end. All the way home I prayed for her, that she feels valued and loved, and that she feels the purpose God has for her, despite her limitations. I prayed that her heart would overflow with blessings, as her unique way of relating to people so richly blesses them. You see, I thought I was helping her…but she actually helped me," they wrote on X.

One "Night to Shine" event ended in a marriage proposal. 

"It is crazy to think that Night to Shine started as a way to celebrate the Tim Tebow Foundation 5-year anniversary. We thought how cool would it be to do something to radically celebrate overlooked people before we ever even had a name. And now, it's 10 years later and look at all that God has done through Night to Shine, more than we ever could have thought, dreamed, or imagined," Tebow shared.

He added that there were many highlights from the foundation's event but he continually prays that many more lives will be touched by God's love. 

He said, "Our hope is that as they walked down the red carpet, or were crowned King or Queen, that they didn't just know love as a concept, but they experienced the love of all the people cheering for them, they experienced the love of Jesus, and walked away knowing full well in their heart they are loved. Because at the Tim Tebow Foundation, we believe all are created in His image, and we have a big job to do until all are celebrated, until all are free, until all are loved, and until all know they are God's royalty."

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